Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the new face of global mormonism

Nigeria is half Muslim and almost half Christian, and proselytizing foreigners, from the United States to Saudi Arabia, are pouring millions of dollars into the African nation of 135 million to expand their faiths.
Ebiloma has sampled a range of them. He was born into a pagan family and still bears the scars of tribal markings carved into his cheeks when he was young. After attending Muslim schools as a child, he tried various Christian churches before finding what he described as "happiness and peace" in Mormonism.
Now, Ebiloma nodded and smiled as fellow Mormons told their stories. One woman described the joy of having her family "sealed," a ritual that Mormons believe ensures that families stay together beyond death. Another said she believed that tithing -- the Mormon practice of members giving one-tenth of their income to the church -- "would bring great blessings."
A third woman praised Gordon B. Hinckley, the 97-year-old church president in Salt Lake City, who followers believe receives divine revelations. "I know President Hinckley is the living prophet," she said, just as amplified clapping and stomping in a nearby Pentecostal church began drowning out more testimonies.
"It is quiet and more organized in here," Ebiloma said later. "In other churches, people are shouting at the top of their lungs, sweating so much they need a hanky. One thing I know for sure: God is not deaf."

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Gabriela said...

Hi Candalaria! Thanks for visiting my blog. Sounds like we have a lot in common (4 kids-broken toes-lived in other countries). It does look like you can make a much better pie crust than me though. :)

Thanks for the link to this article. It was interesting.

Keep in touch!

Gabriela said...

Ok-reading more. I hate those FHE packets and am totally against scrapbooking.

Kindred spirits I tell ya!

Sumpy Gump said...

"There, he said, he will wade into a pool, surrounded by his Mormon family, and be baptized on behalf of his father"

wade in a pool... ha.