Sunday, November 18, 2007


We had another recital yesterday. Lidia did great, as usual. Of all the performers, she was definitely the most relaxed. She has a funny habit of looking all around the room while she plays instead of looking down at her violin as most do. It's sometimes a problem because she gets distracted and then forgets what she's playing, but she did an excellent job yesterday.

I didn't do so well. This time it wasn't my bow hand that rebelled, but my violin hand. I played "Witches' Dance," a super easy song for me, but it didn't sound too hot.

I think I was even more nervous this time than for my first recital and that is discouraging. I was hoping it would get better.


k. said...

That is an absolutely adorable picture. And I'm sure that the piece sounded better than you think it did. =)

Cocoa said...

At least you still get up to play. I get sooo nervous that I don't play the violin in front of people anymore.

ave said...

You two look so beautiful! What a gorgeous smile you have.

Julie said...

I just love that you are getting up there and stretching yourself learning how to play! That is so awesome and such an inspiration!

athena said...

what kind of violin do you have? we just bought pascale another one but i'm not so sure about the quality. now that the soccer season is over i want our little guy to take cello lessons. and boy are those instruments expensive! oh well.

wonderful photo of mother and daughter by the way!