Wednesday, December 05, 2007

christmas traditions?

We make the cookies and tree ornaments. There are several days of tamale-making, of course. This year we're going to take part in a posada with giant puppets. Another new thing we're trying this year is twelve days of Christmas with books. On the twelve days leading up to the 25th we're going to open a gift-wrapped Christmas book every night and read it by candlelight.

I've learned of several other fun, exciting Christmas traditions while perusing my favorite blogs. Gabriela over at Living la vida loca is a recent discovery. This mom of four lives in "Big City," Brazil, and has lived in Venezuela and Mexico. She cracks me up and she has some really neat Christmas ideas. (And did you know this?: I have not broken a bone in my body save my left ring toe. Gabriela shares this distinction with me. I know that means something but I'm not sure what.) Cocoa at Chocolate on My Cranium does this Names of Christ unit study in December.

What are some of your old or new Christmas traditions?


ave said...

We have a chocolate tradition. Every Christmas season JW makes delitghtful chocolates and I eat them. We also give them away to friends and neighbors. We make ornaments, but have no set Christmas Eve or Christmas Day traditions. I need ideas.

ML said...

Casey and Bart used to take Grammie's homemade chocolates off the trays she cooled them on upstairs. Unfortunately, since they were on waxed paper, you could easily see where a chocolate was missing, so they spent a big part of the Christmas season rearranging those candies to hide the evidence. You know the really amazing thing? She never knew...yeah, right.

ML said...

I just realized that my previous comment was totally brought to mind by Ave's comment and had nothing to do with traditions.

A favorite thing we've done (not every year), is the 12 days of Christmas. We pick a family or individual and secretly give them the 12 days (complete with witty/corny/cheesy poem). For instance, day one might be a basket of pears, day two maybe some bars of Dove soap (turtledoves, get it?). Anyway, at the end we invite them over for dinner. It's been wonderful and fun for our whole family.