Sunday, December 09, 2007

it's over

I am ward activity co-chair (the commitee effectively consists of the other co-chair and me) and last night we had our ward Christmas party, "A Night in Bethlehem." It came off much, much better than I thought it would thanks to the above and beyond participation of several families. I'm so glad it's over. I think my blood pressure has dropped and now I can get on with my Christmas preparations.


Auntie Lee said...

Wow! They really had the Christmas thing early there. I wish they would here as well. This year it is on the 22nd and I have exams on 20 and 21rst. Then of course there is the Christmas day thing.
My branch always waits until the last minute to do anything. This year I told them if I didn't get a list of music by tomorrow I would not play piano (they would just have to use the CDs). That has relieved me of any extra stress.
It looks like you had a picknick there. What did you do?

Cocoa said...

Looks like it was a special night! Hubby and I were sustained as the ward activities co chairs today at church. I may be e-mailing you for ideas, suggestions, etc. We have NO IDEA what to do.

ave said...

Love the pic of B, that is she at the table right? She looks like a little lamanite. wicked cunning.

dave said...

very well done. i was activity chair for my ward for 2 christmas parties and tried to move us in a more spiritual direction but was nervous about the amount of effort the night in bethlehem would have required. way to go!