Monday, December 24, 2007

right in front of the dog food

We're lucky enough to have a great little neighborhood grocery store and I stopped by today to pick up a few things. That's where I found these guys. They sounded fabulous and I told them so. I bemoaned not having my camera. I got home, took care of the groceries, grabbed my camera, and walked back. They had just finished a number to a burst of applause. I asked if I could take their picture, and as you can see, they were very accommodating. Then they wanted to see the camera screen to see "how we turned out."

"Great," said the accordionist. "Right in front of the dog food."

I told them that was the great thing about it. I hadn't expected to find such a prize in front of the dog food. They were pleased with this response, and then told me about their glory days playing at the Flame Room of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

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