Monday, January 21, 2008

andrew davies interview

I couldn't resist posting this from the PBS Masterpiece site. If you love the Austen film adaptations, you'll find this interview with Andrew Davies very interesting. He wrote the screenplays for P&P (w/Colin Firth), Emma, Sense and Sensibility (newest version), and Northhanger Abbey (newest version). He also did Daniel Deronda and Wives and Daughters, two of my favorites.

His thoughts on sexual tension in Austen:

I think we have lots of advantages with novels of this period and
particularly Jane Austen because there is always delayed gratification. You
know, to touch a man's hand would be an extraordinary thing. A look, a glance,
can be so enormously significant. So this is the thing that kind of keeps us
going to the end and a kiss is only possible after they have been engaged so
that's great. It is much more difficult to keep the sexual tension crackling in
a modern novel because there is nothing to stop them from sleeping together in
the first reel and then where do you go?

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