Sunday, January 20, 2008

the complete jane austen

It's several months of Jane Austen on PBS' "Masterpiece." (The dropped the "Theatre" and the catchy old theme song. ExxonMobile no longer sponsors.) Here's the schedule if you want to check it out.

It started last week with "Persuasion," a new adaptation of the Austen novel. Did anyone else see this? What did you think? There was a lot I did like about it, like the actors and the edgier feel. Sally Hawkins made a passionate Anne. However, I though it moved way too fast, to the point of making the story ridiculous. The last ten minutes were especially frenetic.

Tonight is "Northhanger Abbey."


ladyofmaine said...

I liked the actress who played Anne
(except her mouth hung open too much)and the feel of the piece but it did move too fast. I wondered while I was watching it if Anne's mad dash to find Capt. Wentworth was a lame metaphorical excuse for the crazy pace of this film.

ave said...

darn it. these are the times when i wish we had tv reception. i guess i will have to try to get it on netflix when it comes out on dvd. i own the persuasion with amanda root, i love that one.