Monday, January 28, 2008

j away

J is in Lisbon. He left yesterday. For the next eight days he will be in Ankara (Turkey), Athens, Madrid, and Dublin.

It has been a long time since he's done such a long trip. The kids were sad when they heard how long it would be without the fun parent. But after feeling sad for a moment, Georgie asked, "Can we have clam chowder and lasagne?" That is one fun thing we do when old Dad isn't around. We glut ourselves on his least-favorite meals. We all enjoyed bowl after steaming bowl of clam chowder tonight. Tomorrow it's lasagne. We'll have a "breakfast for dinner" night (ooh, he hates that one.) We'll order pizza since he won't be around to get heartburn. We'll go out to eat a couple times, trying to forget that he is enjoying much higher class European food. (It's such a waste on him. He prefers to eat my cooking. Can you believe it? And for those of you who don't know, no, I am not that great a cook.)

He was not looking forward to being gone so long. He likes to be with his family. But he does enjoy his work and the people he works with when he travels. He finds that he has a lot in common with them, no matter their ethnicity, political persuasion, or religion.

J does like his work, but it has been very intense this past year. He does not usually work killer hours, but often has to work at a frenzied pace. He has to keep many plates spinning. I am grateful that he has always worked hard to support our family and has never complained.

Last Thursday I had a bad day. I did manage to get dinner on the table, but left soon after to take Lidia to dance. I was in a bad mood. The house was a mess. I calmed down a little at dance as I read and chatted with friends. When I got home, I found that J had spent the entire hour and a half cleaning and had recruited the kids to help. He'd had a long, exhausting day at work, but instead of sinking into the recliner when he got home, he raced around to clean up so that I wouldn't have to come back to a mess.

I do not deserve this man.


Gabriela said...

wow-what a keeper!

Sorry he's traveling. Guapo's gone too-not for that long though.

Mmmmm, clam chowder. If only I could get normal chopped clams without the yucky green stuff here.

ave said...

I often tell JW there is nothing more attractive then a man who cleans! I can believe that J likes your cooking better then what he gets when he eats out, after all you cook what he likes most and it is usually very healthy. It is rather hard to believe that he dosen't like lasagna. My favorite lasagna is chicken broccoli with lots of garlic and homemade alfredo sauce. Not the best food for a family with lactose intolerance, so I only make it twice a year or so.

Auntie Lee said...

WOW, he cleaned? Very cool! Very sexy!

ML said...

I just made clam chowder for the first time (I think) in about 7 years--mmm, mmm good!
My honey always told me that there's no such thing as woman's work or man's work, there's just work and if you have the time you do it. (I think he was quoting his mother;) He's been trying to convince me of it for 27 years, but I still don't totally buy it. (I just cannot bring myself to slide underneath a car.)

Auntie Lee said...

Hey, sliding underneath a car is easy. It's taking care of a bunch of toddlers that is hard.

Calandria said...

ML, that sounds like a Gram quote if ever I heard one. :-)

J and I have chosen to divide our work a certain way and in some ways it happens to coincide with conventional gender-specific work. Meaning, I stay at home and do most of the cooking, shopping, and housework (at least that's the idea). So it really meant a lot to me when he took on some of "my" work after having a long, tiring day of his own. In fact, he does a lot of stuff around the house on weekends and I appreciate that too.