Monday, January 07, 2008

new york times on the lds church

Our post-denominational age should be the perfect time for a Mormon to become president, or at least the Republican nominee... read more


Karen ~ said...

Very interesting article. Especially after your comments the other day about not expressing your faith in conversation as compared to evangelicals.

Thanks for pointing me to the article.

Auntie Lee said...

Not a bad article. It is not accurate about everything but it certainly brings out things that are happening with respects to societal attitudes. A bit heavy on the secrecy bit. I have always wondered myself why so many members are Republican. I’m not.

Gabriela said...

Thanks for posting articles- I never come across them on my own and they are interesting to read.

"a bit like being Jewish, only taller" :)

David said...

I apologize for posting this comment here. I could not find an email or contact form.

Feel free to delete this if you want.


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