Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Last night was tough. It wasn't the best of New Year's Eves. We should have gone sledding or something very active yesterday, but instead the kids played too much Wii while I did some organizing and cleaning around the house. They helped too, but minimally. By evening they were wired. J had to get a shipment out and ended up staying all day at work rather than coming home early as planned. J and I were both exhausted and the kids were on "aire," as J's abuelito used to say. We went out to eat at our favorite Greek restaurant for dinner and the kids, under extreme threats and sharp glances, behaved more or less o.k. On the way home they let it all out and consequently, three of them were banished to their rooms "until we decide if we want to spend New Year's Eve with you or not." Leaving them in their rooms and going to bed early was so tempting, but unfortunately that is not our tradition. I had not planned very well and we only had one movie to watch that appealed to everyone. We let them out of their rooms and watched it together, and that was fine. It was "Nanny McPhee," which turned out to be highly appropriate considering their earlier behavior. When that was finished it was only 10:15 and we spent an agonizing hour or so arguing over what to watch next. It was torture. We finally settled on Tom and Jerry and I escaped after a couple episodes to read a chapter of The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children (excellent). We finally came together at midnight to watch the ball drop and give hugs and kisses. I bought grapes for the hispanic tradition of making a wish and eating one grape for every tolling of the midnight hour but I didn't pull those out. Too tired. The kids went up to bed but Bernie didn't make it. We found her a few minutes later asleep in the upstairs hallway.

So yeah, it wasn't great. Maybe better next year.

One reason J and I were so tired is that we still haven't recovered from our ski trip. We went up to Duluth on Thursday, skied Friday, hung out in the hotel pool Saturday morning, and then came home. Saturday night Bernie spent the night vomiting. She's fine now, and no one else seems to be getting sick. But I'm tired. I have not had a full night of sleep in more than a week.


Gabriela said...

I'm so glad to know I wasn't alone yesterday in banning my kids to their rooms. It was hard to let them out, but I too, eventually did.

Happy New Year! Here's to sleeping through the night (which hopefully I do this year!)

Calandria said...

Gabriela, I feel much better now that I know it wasn't just me.

Ok, so did anyone else out there send their kids to their rooms on New Year's Eve?

I guess it's lame of me to complain about missing a week of good sleep when there are moms of little babies reading this blog. Last night I did get 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep and when I had babies I would have praised heavens for that. It would have been like, "Wow, finally some good sleep."

Auntie Lee said...

We didn't have much of a new year either. Hans decided he wanted to argue about everything and although the kids and I tried to avoid him as much as possible it didn't seem to help. The kids spent most of the time in P's room which is so full of electrical games and films they were happy until bed but I had to listen to his quebbel until 4 am.

I don't get New Year myself. Our neighbors spent over 500 Euro’s on fireworks. It was nice to watch but I could never bring myself to do that. It's only going from one day to the next. What's the big deal?

Oh, by the way, going on vacations are not always relaxing. There is an actual name for a kind of depression in Germany about vacations because they get so fanatic about vacation planning and everything that they get exhausted and depressed when they return. I don’t get that either. There is so much in the world that perplexes me. I am a carbon based creature of mass confusion.

ave said...

Lmx is sent to his room on a daily basis. This morning he came up to me with a furrowed brow and said "I missed New Years." I laughed it off and said "So. We all went to bed, it was nothing." Then I felt a little bad, maybe he thought that we would do something fun and here is his frumpy mum who went to bed at 10:30. Maybe we will celebrate epiphany this weekend to make up for it!

Auntie Lee said...

When P was Lmx's age we sent him to bed at around 10 and we told him we would wake him when the fireworks started. We did and he watched the fireworks and ate something then went back to bed. The next morning he could not remember a thing and was angry that we didn't wake him. I told my mother-in-law and the same thing happend when Hans was little. He remembers that and still thinks he wasn't woken up. Anyway since then I just let the kids stay up if they behave. P had a lot of energy like Mlx does. M often fell asleep.
I guess you just have to play it by ear.

ML said...

We had 50+ people in our house on New Year's Eve--every year I swear that I'm not having a party next year, but it's taken on a life of its own and I've finally come to the conclusion that it's out of my hands. I sent ME to bed at 12:30--I think the last people left around 2.