Sunday, January 06, 2008

not deleted, but removed

I've taken down the political posts for now.

But I do want to say that when I reread yesterday's post I saw that it could be offensive to evangelicals. I did not mean to suggest that evangelicals are irreverent or superficial in the way they speak about God. My point was that Mormons may also have deep relationships with the Savior but choose to talk about it less.


ave said...

I think that a good blog is like a good library, containing something to offend everyone. Perhaps I do not agree with every single thing that you write, but I am comfortable enough with what I feel and with my relationship with you, that I needant get offended. Besides, it's your blog, you should feel uninhibited and free! That is what makes it exciting!!!

Calandria said...

I know that you wouldn't get offended. It's not so much that I worry about offending my regular readers who would have abandoned me long ago if they were THAT thin-skinned.

After I read those posts I'd written I didn't like the occasional snarky tone. I want to be more positive, and if I can't be positive I guess I'd rather say nothing.

Dave Thurston said...

From my view, your opinions are valid -- probably not the same as everyone's -- but I always try to remember that opinions are never wrong, they just are.

So keep it up, speak your truth, and do it with humility. Thanks for blogging.

Aunite Lee said...

America's based on freedom of expression. Don't let that blankety-blank- so-called 'patriot's act' discourage you or any evengelical. For a healthy democracy there must be political discussions and voters must be well informed. Without this it does not work!!

Why did they call it 'patriot's' anyway? Talk about an oxymoron!