Friday, January 25, 2008

peggy noonan on the clintons

Bill Clinton, with his trembly, red-faced rage, makes John McCain look
young. His divisive and destructive daily comportment—this is a former president
of the United States—is a civic embarrassment. It is also an education, and
there is something heartening in this.

There are many serious and thoughtful liberals and Democrats who support
Mr. Obama and John Edwards, and who are seeing Mr. Clinton in a new way and
saying so. Here is William Greider in The Nation, the venerable left-liberal
magazine. The Clintons are "high minded" on the surface but "smarmily
duplicitous underneath, meanwhile jabbing hard at the groin area. They are a
slippery pair and come as a package. The nation is at fair risk of getting them
back in the White House for four years."


ave said...

I do enjoy Ms. Noonan's articles. Thanks for the link. I think it is really bizarre that the mainstream media is pushing McCain down everyones throat as the acceptable choice for a Republican candidate. He's a worn and comfortabel old shoe but the fact of the matter is, that is it.

Auntie Lee said...

Looks like Peggy had to much coffee that morning. Whoa there, slow down! Everyone running for president is cocky. If they weren't they wouldn't be running.

It seems to me if an e-president can do what he wants. Who cares? They are basically retired and do boring la la things anyway using a bunch of tax money just breathing. The only time they are interesting is when they get angry or get together to build a house with ole Pres. Carter. I like seeing them all get their hands dirty. Its cleaner than their mouths.

ave said...

good point auntie!

Calandria said...

Noonan is no Clinton lover, but here she is actually quoting William Greider of The Nation.

No, I don't agree that an ex-president should do what he wants. At least, not if that leads to undignified, smarmy behavior.

Pres. Carter, on the other hand, is not only dignified, he seems to be a highly principled man who is devoted to helping mankind.