Monday, January 28, 2008

robert millett on speaking of faith

I heard some of this on MPR around noon today as I drove to an appointment. What I heard was excellent.

Americans have been hearing a lot about Mormonism in the context of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. But much of the public discussion of this faith of 13 million people has focused on controversies in the church's history. We'll avoid well-trodden ground to seek an understanding of the lived beliefs and spirituality of Latter Day Saints, with a leading scholar of the church and a lifelong practitioner. Robert Millet describes a developing young religion with distinct mystical and practical interpretations of the nature of God, family, and eternity.

Go here to download the 53 minute program or the 1 hr 36 minute complete, unedited interview.


Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with the Robert Millet and Greg Johnson dialogues? If so, what is your opinion?

Thank you,

Calandria said...

Bud, thank you for your comment ( or question, in this case.) I have heard of these dialogues but have not read them or heard the two speak or anything. I would like to know more.