Friday, January 04, 2008

rump states

With Iowans caucusing and New Hampshire voters getting set to cast their ballots five days from now in their quadrennial rites of passage, the question deserves to be raised in earnest--why do we let these two small rump states, largely white and Protestant, set the agenda for our vast, heterogeneous population in America?

Why indeed? I agree with this guy. We need a national primary.


Auntie Lee said...

We need to re-structure the election process in America anyway. The process we have now is obsolete. It won't happen though. People do not like change and it would also entail rigorous voter participation which most people do not want to bother with but I do agree with the statement. Iowa and New Hampshire are not really important States in the end. They are small and have very few electoral votes. They are simply the first so the press likes to make a big deal out of it. I certainly have been disenchanted with the American press for the past 10 years or so. What good is freedom of the press when the established press doesn’t use it? They seem to just go with the flow and have all turned into gossip pages.

Sorry, I'm finished now^..^

Gabriela said...

I really enjoy reading all of your political takes. My family is very much divided (in religion, politics and other things), so if I posted on this kind of stuff I would get some angry phone calls.

I can't believe people don't want to vote for Romney because of his religion and then they go and vote for Huckabee? The guy strikes me as a total nut. ??? Oh well.

Calandria said...

Auntie, I think you're right that it will never happen. And maybe it's not wholly bad because I think after this huge Iowa win Obama may win over Democrats who initially might have voted for Hillary if there'd been a national primary. Did that make sense? You know what I mean. And yes, I agree that the press screws everything up. But you know those guys at CNN have an incredible matte finish on their faces. I am envious.

Gabriela, I don't worry about offending people in my family because that's what we do best. :-) Really, we also have diverse beliefs and political persuasions in my family and many of them read this blog. I hope no one's mad at me. :-) I haven't had any angry calls yet.

GuGarden said...

I think you guys are right about the press. I feel like all the bits about Iowa have been recycled. Everyone is saying the same thing and none of it is all that intriguing. One thing a guy said last night was how huge it was that a black man won the caucus from a pool of mainly white voters. I was thiking how revolutionary that is and that touched me. This election is just a cool glimpse into the social changes that have taken place in out nation in the last 50 years. I like Obama, the jury is still out on Romney. I don't really care much about the other candidates. The only other person I have strong feelings for are Hilary, may I quote (hurl, hurl, hurl)