Sunday, January 13, 2008


I don't say that Marcus is the child who loves me best, but he is the most affectionate. For Marcus, my name is "Beautiful Mommy." He almost never calls me anything else. He loves to give me hugs and kiss my shoulder. Whenever I duck in for a kiss on the cheek he grabs my shoulder instead. He did it again this afternoon after church as I was making him a quesadilla.
"Why my shoulder?" I ask. "Why not right here on Beautiful Mommy's cheek?"
I didn't expect an answer of course. I've asked him this many times and received no reply. If any of you know Marcus, you know he doesn't often respond to questions. At least not in the way you expect. But today he answered, "I don't like freckles."
"What? You don't like my freckles? You don't want to kiss my freckles and that's why you don't give me kisses on my cheek?"
The girls started laughing. "I love Mom's freckles. They make her look byoot-ee-ful," said Bernie, seeing her opportunity.
Marcus looked relieved that he had finally confessed this little antipathy, but concerned for my feelings. "I do like your freckles, but..."
"Not enough to kiss them, hmm?" I told him that was o.k., and I that I didn't like freckles when I was seven either. This makes me think that maybe after all he won't marry a woman some day who is the spitting image of his mother.


k. said...

When I was young and first noticed my freckles, Mom told me they were dirt and I should go wash them off. She let me scrub my face raw before telling me that they would never come off.

I love my freckles now. Wouldn't want to be without them!

Julie said...

LOL! I love freckles too. And aren't kids just the greatest?!? Even if they won't kiss your freckles. :-)

Karen ~ said...

Hey - you are doing a GREAT job of raising a future husband! Some girl is going to be very lucky.

That's what I tell myself when I have one of the boys give me a backrub. It's not that I want it for *my* enjoyment (yeah, right) - it's altruistic of me to train them to be good husbands!!!

Also a great teaching moment that Marcus learned it's OK to confide something potentially unpopular to his Mom.

And re: k's comments - how mean was your mother?>!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Cocoa said...

How sweet that he'll give you any kisses at all! I hope my little guy will continue to give me kisses when he's that age. I love freckles too. My husband was the kid that had loads all over his face and arms. They are hard to spot now but their still there!

ave said...

I was always disappointed when I didn't freckle in the summer, since you and the boys always did. I have pigment blotches on my knee that Mum would think was dirt and consequently I would end up scrubbing and scrubbing but they wouldn't come off.

Auntie Lee said...

Ask your mom how she got rid of what she thought of as an ugly freckle when she was little. Looking at her now I don't think it matters(hee hee)she's covered.

Gram says boys are more affectionate in general than girls. That is certainly true with my two and if I remember right that was so with you four as well. We didn't call you 'little feist’ for nothing.

Gabriela said...

That's so cute! What an affectionate little guy.

I always wanted freckles when I was little.