Saturday, February 16, 2008

attack of the killer activity

Thank you all so much for telling me about your ward activities!! It was very helpful. I can see now that we really do have an extreme number of activities compared to other wards. I don't know how successful I'll be in reducing them, however. I already tried once and it didn't work. Maybe if this time I go in with Elder Oaks' words in both conference and the WW training about reducing activities, it will give my argument more oomph. One problem we find is that our ward activities frequently conflict with other auxiliary or Stake activities like YW/Scout camp or Enrichment meetings. Or if there is no direct conflict, they happen within days of each other. No wonder our family went to so few ward activities before I had this calling.

Last night I went to the Valentine's dance. I found out it wasn't a Stake activity, but lots of wards were invited. I agree with Dina--a ward activity is the last way I'd think of celebrating Valentine's Day. However, I found that this Valentine's dance was a success for the wards on that side of the stake. The band was pretty good and made up of ward members from that area. There was good energy and I could tell people were having fun. I did not have fun because I didn't know many people there, and I unfairly compare church dances here to the terrifically fun Church dances they have in Latin America, where people really know how to get down. I love it that dances in Mexico are for the whole family. I was also annoyed that our ward had to take 8 dozen fussy little cheescake or brownie things made in heart shapes, plus do all the clean up. We were there until 11 pm cleaning up. Want to know how many couples went from our ward (besides those of us who were forced to)? Two.


Auntie Lee said...

I still think it sounds like your ward has a lack of coordination between auxiliaries. If the auxiliaries are there to support families (which we know they are) then the ward must coordinate them. After all, parents have to coordinate their kids schedules why not a ward?

Anonymous said...

I didn't go to our ward's Val activity, JW went fencing and I fought with the children and went to bed early. Romantic huh.

Dezze Em said...

Amen & amen. I have used my voice to try to get people to scale back the activities in our ward. (I voted for your cuts!) Inevitably I am brushed aside as having lack of enthusiasm or ward spirit. Maybe it's because I have a new baby or something, but I am constantly feeling torn between ward & family. We have been counseled over & over to keep things simple. Family comes first. They even talked about it last conference! Was I the only one that heard that talk?

Calandria said...

dezze em, I was just remembering that particular ward council meeting this morning. The two other women besides us also expressed in no uncertain terms their desire to have fewer activities. It's true that the men bulk up the schedule. Do they just have an overdeveloped sense of duty? You'd think they'd like to spend more time at home.