Tuesday, February 05, 2008

awesome minnesota

Hillary Clinton 56,346
Barack Obama 119,242

I am so proud of my state!

I stayed up to watch Obama's speech. This guy is really growing on me. Could we actually see some changes for good in this country with Obama as president? Maybe yes, maybe no. I'm not voting for him as the "candidate for change." I'm voting for him because 1) I don't know if he can really change policies, but I do think Obama can help unite a divided America. 2) He appears classy, thoughtful, well-spoken, and reasonable. I think he would represent our country well abroad. 3) The issues he's talking about--health care, education, and green energy among others--resonate with me. I look forward to a president who will focus on these issues. 4) I am alienated from the Republican party. I want a Democrat, and I don't want it to be Hillary.

Interesting that Romney killed McCain here. And McCain even had Governor Pawlenty's endorsement.

An interesting comment made by a Republican strategist on CNN (yes, I turned it back on): "We pray every night that we'll be running against Hillary."

Obama seems so obviously the better choice between those two, I am continually amazed at Clinton's pull. According to exit polls in California, almost no Democrat earning more than 50,000 per year voted for Clinton, and almost no one earning less than 50,000 voted for Obama.

I hope Obama gets Edwards' endorsement.


Karen ~ said...

yay, us!

athena said...

i don't mind which of the two democrats win. i'm disappointed with the republican party and their puny little squabbles. if mccain wins the rep nomination he won't stand a chance to win against either candidates for the democrats. the democrats are looking strong. both.

Calandria said...

When I said that Obama seemed "obviously" the better choice, I meant specifically that he seems "obviously" stronger against a Republican rival.

Something that puzzles me about Clinton: how she is able to pull off portraying herself as the "experienced" candidate. People actually believe this. Good grief! She is not. She may have been in the public eye for many years, but that does not equal public service as an elected official.

Cocoa said...

If I were a Democrat I'd vote for Obama too. If he wins the nomination and runs against McCain I will definitely vote for him.

The whole caucus process seems to be rather childish to me. When we had our Nevada caucus it seemed weird to just mark a ballot and then read everyone else's ballots right there in front of everyone and read the result right then. I did however love the fact that we got to voice our opinions and hear others opinions before voting.

Gabriela said...

I like something about Obama too. I don't know who I'll vote for yet. As long as it's not hillary I'll be ok.

You're brave for putting all of this on your blog-my half-brother's wife's family is tight with the Clintons and he reads my blog-so I chose to not even mention politics.

athena said...

that's ok. i just wanted to say that about the two democrat candidates. i don't mind which of the two win. i just don't care for mccain. i also think huckabee should had tried out for american idol instead.

ave said...

One point that I think people tend to overlook is that it dosen't matter as much that the candidate is charismatic, eloquent or even funny. Who has the best ideas about saving social security? Who is the most intelligent? Who can save America from recession? If we have a president that is all about spending like the present one we are doomed.
I agree that Obama speaks well, and is inoffensive. He would represent our country better than McCain or Hillary. If those two are the other choices JW and I have decided to vote for Ralph Nader.

ML said...

Ideologically I agree with AVE that charisma, etc. are unimportant. Realistically, in our day and country, they are everything.
I guess as far as the question of Hillary's "experience" it depends on what she's supposedly experienced in. The Clinton's (I suspect mostly Hillary), run the most effective, impressive political machine I've ever seen. They can take anything and literally spin it right out of sight. Amazing. And scary.

Auntie Lee said...

Yes, I agree with ml that charisma is important in American politics- unfortunately. That is one thing I find refreshing about European politics.
I do think that one of the huge mistakes of the Bush government is the lack of diplomacy. He does not seem to be able to listen to or interact well with others which I think is extremely important in an ever shrinking world. Each individual country’s economies are integrated within other countries so for a politician to be able to ‘get along well’ with others is important. Most of the candidates running now seem to understand that, both Republicans and Democrats. Whoever gets elected has a challenge re-establishing ties which have been destroyed these past 8 years.

I’m still not sure Americans will vote for a woman or an African American. That still may swing the vote one way or the other.

I feel kind of sorry for the Republican party. Whoever gets the vote has a huge challenge unifying the party again.

Either way, its exciting!