Monday, February 25, 2008

ay ay ay

No school today. A friend over (blonde, as you can see). Scissors.


Fauna said...

Oh my gosh!! That's quite a new style for Bernie... how did the other little girls haircut turn out?

- Fauna
PS - By the way, I love how repentant she looks in her picture! ;-)

Karen ~ said...

Oh my gosh, I did this same thing when I was in first grade. The neighbor girl came over. Sandy - I still remember her name even though we moved away a year later - and I cut her hair while our moms were having coffee.

Knowing this would probably not meet with total approval, I carefully lifted the hair on the back of Sandy's head and only cut the stuff underneath that "no one would notice."

I still remember the absolute amazement I felt when both moms noticed right away. Now, of course, I wish they had taken pictures!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crapoly! That is too funny. What are you going to do? I hope her mother doesn't get upset. Bernie is one of a kind! I know that I cut my own bangs a couple of times, Mom never seemed to mind.
She was so calm about things like that.

Cocoa said...

Ah, brings back my own childhood memories. Nessa and I did that too a friend who had very long hair. She ended up with a boys cut. My mom found us because she could hear my brother screaming as we chased him around trying to get him to sit in the "barber's chair."

She's just a little sassy, isn't she?

Andrea said...

How funny! Does every kid do this at some point? When I was a kid, my two best friends were boys and they decided we should play barber. I got to go first. They took my waist length hair and cut it off at the clip on top of my head. Boy was my mom mad! How did you handle it?

Calandria said...

Fauna, it's funny that you say that about looking so "repentant"--that's exactly what I said to J. I think she is really regretting it now, because she said she doesn't want to go to school tomorrow and have everyone see her hair.

It didn't surprise me much that she did it because she's been talking about wanting to get her hair cut so she has "no bangs." I explained that she needed to grow them out with the rest of her hair, but I had a feeling she wouldn't be satisfied until she learned from experience.

At first I thought Bernie got the worst of it because when both girls came in with guilty looks, Bernie's was the most obvious. The other little girl had put hers back in her barrettes. But when I went to clean up the hair, I saw much more blonde than dark brown, probably because M had grown out her bangs already, poor thing. Now she has to start over.

The mom is a friend and was there visiting with me. I think we both felt bad that our girls had done this to each other. But like Ave says, what can you do?

All of my kids have done this, but I think Bernie has the most. She used to cut her hair ALL THE TIME. In fact I think I have other blog posts about it--I'll have to check. I thought she was through with it though, because I think it's been at least two years.

Anonymous said...

All of you did that.

I think Bernie's hair looks kind of keen and edgy. She'd have to pay several hundred dollars for that cut in a fancy salon.

Auntie Lee said...

hee hee hee hee hee ha ha ha hee hee

loving it! (snicker)

Mama Ava said...

I did this, too. I wanted bangs but I was afraid my mom would notice so I just clipped a tiny bit. That tiny bit was glaringly obvious is the center of my forehead (think Hitler's moustache moved up to my hairline). I have pictures.

My friend's daughter did this, then realized her mistake and wore her winter ear wrap around the house. My friend suspected what she had done but didn't force her to take off the wrap and let her insist nothing was wrong. Apparently she went to school, where she had to take it off, but then put it on again at home...for 2 days until she caved and confessed.

Julie said...

Argh! Brings back HORRIBLE memories for me. My kids have done that FAR too many times. And usually to the kids (GIRLS) whose hair doesn't grow very fast.

Auntie Lee said...

My kids have never done that. They must be really boring or something.

Gabriela said...

Oh man. Wow. My sons have done that (well not Pedro. Yet.), but never my daughter.

Oh well-hair grows back.

Mallory said...

I did that to my own hair at least once. One of them was really bad. Mum was so upset, but she was going to just let it grow out that way, until Gram took me to get a cut that would at least hide the horror a little bit. Then, of course, I was really quite striking, and have been so ever since. ;)