Monday, February 18, 2008

bernie's dream

"Mom and Dad were at a boring grown-up party so the other kids and I went outside to play hide-and-seek. We hid in tubes."

"Tubes? What kind of tubes?"

"Tubes. Like what dead people go in."

"Do you mean tombs, Hon?"

"Yeah, I meant tombs. Then Frodo and Dad came looking for us. Frodo found Georgie first because she was hiding in his favorite dog food. He found her and then he ate up the dog food. Then they found Lidia who was hiding in Mom's favorite jewelry. Then they found Marcus who was hiding in the laundry chute. There were dirty clothes all over him. And then they finally found me. I was hiding in a mummy box."

"A sacrophagus?"


"So these tombs were inside an Egyptian pyramid?"

"Yeah. And it was really scary because a mummy was in there with me in the mummy box. Then Dad found me and he took me out and gave me a kiss."


Auntie Lee said...

Did the mummy in the mummy box stink?
Was it dark or did you have a candle? Was it dusty?
Did Frodo get a mummy bone?

Anonymous said...

wicked cute

Gabriela said...

did it scare him? it would scare me! :)