Sunday, February 24, 2008

boy names

Before you start wondering, I am not having a baby nor am I planning on it any time soon. But my good friend is having a baby boy any day now. Yesterday I got to hang out with her and some other friends and we talked about names.

I love to talk about baby names. I didn't get to use some of my favorite baby names because J vetoed. Also, we had to choose names that were easy to pronounce in both English and Spanish. My children's names were definitely a compromise. (Some of you might not know that their web names--Georgie, Lidia, Marcus, and Bernie--are not their real names. And Bernie is a girl. :-))

Here are some of my favorite boy names. How about yours?

Alvaro (Germanic, meaning "noble guardian") I love this name. It sounds strong, yet romantic. I even like the nickname "Al."

Henry (Old German, "ruler of the home")

Enzo (Italian form of Henry)

Jaxon or Jackson (unknown origin, "son of Jack") I like the spelling with an "x," though I'm usually not into distictive spellings. Honest!

Nicolai (Greek, “victory of the people”) I love “Nico” for short, pronounced “Nee-co.”

Santiago (Spanish, "supplanter") I like the nickname "Santi."


Dezze Em said...

I love talking baby names too! My favorite boys names are: Max, Rudy (not for Guiliani...), Abinidai and, oh..Isaiah. I look up the meanings, but I'm not particularly swayed by them. For instance, I think Rudy is ruddy-complexioned soldier. It's nice when a name you like has a nice meaning though.

What girl names do you like?

Cocoa said...

I also love to talk about baby names. My favorite boy names are:
Hmm...seems to be similar sounds in all those.

As for girl names I like:

Anonymous said...

Cocoa, I wanted to use the name Bronwyn for my daughters first name so badly but JW said no. He said he thought of Brawny paper towels. I found out after my daughter was born that the spelling of Bronwyn differed according to gender. For a girl it is spelled Bronwen. Lulu (not her real name) was going to be Henry James if she was a boy.

Calandria, some of those names I love, very masculine yet romantic. I don't know about Jackson, it may be too last namey for me. I love Jack.

Calandria said...

I like Bronwyn too. Someone in our family used that one as her daughter's middle name and I think it's beautiful.

Other girl names I like:
Esti (Basque, "honey")

I know there are more but I can't think of them right now. They'll come to me later.

Here are a couple more boys names I forgot:
Charles (except I wouldn't name a boy that because I don't like "Chuck:)

Michelle said...

Still no baby, so I'm still thinking over names.

I really like Henry--but dh promises to call him Hank. I'm not a fan, but it's still at the top of the list. And I was thinking about the name James for a middle name, Ave. I wasn't sure I wanted Henry James.

C--We can't have any Jack names with our last name. But, all my sisters-in-law are vying for the name Jack

I am a little bit obsessed with name popularity and have looked at the Social Security name sight so often. I want something that's not totally out in right field, but also something that isn't too popular. Henry and Will(iam) might be too high on the list for me.

Girl names seem so much easier. I was a little sad to find out we were having a boy, only because I love the names Stella and Penelope and really wanted to have a little girl with one of these names.

Calandria said...

Michelle, I hadn't thought about the "Jack" problem. Funny!

As you know, two of my children's names are in the top 10. J and I were lamenting this afternoon that we didn't go with something less popular, especially for the boy. In public, I am constantly calling my son by his first name + middle name or first + last to distinguish him from the six other kids nearby with that same first name! (Except in his case it's his middle name. But that's what he goes by.) Did you know that in primary we now have 4 children with his name?

Michelle said...

You've gotten me started looking at baby name lists again.

Alvaro is #570 on the list for 2006. I haven't heard it, and thought it would be more uncommon. Most of the names at the end of the top 1000 are just crazy spellings of more common names.

William has been in the top 20 for the last 15 years. It's losing its appeal for me. In fact, I'm second guessing all the names on our list.

Good thing that the hospital has wi-fi so that we can surf the internet for names if we need to.

Karen ~ said...

Well, a couple thoughts to throw into the mix here. First off, did everyone notice Calandria said she's not "planning on a baby anytime soon" which still leaves a pretty big door open?!?

Second, I am now wondering what Michelle's last name is - I have an idea of what would NOT work with "Jack" and if I'm right it just makes me giggle!

I have two sons - the first one is Ben, and when we found out our second was going to be another boy we first really liked Frank ... but then thought about saying "These are my sons, Ben ... Franklin." And that nixed that.

My favorite girl names are Nina and Nora (though I would not have used both if I had two girls, they are too similar.) For boys, I am definitely in the Henry club. That's my dad's middle name which would have been fun, but it didn't make it to the finals back when we were having this discussion for real. I have also always liked the name Peter, which doesn't fit with our last name so that was out.

I am pretty darn sure there are no more babies in my future, so my friend Monique tells me I get to now start using my favorite names on pets! Nina and Nora would be good names for two cats.

Anonymous said...

Still like Ezra

Mama Ava said...

Calvin, Liam, Kristor, Levi, Ian, Henry, Jack, and of course Cameron and Noah for boys.

Annaliese, Lucy, Charlotte, Chloe, Madeleine, Lindsay, Sophie, Isabelle, Solveig, Berit, Claire, Lily. And Ava.

Mark and I didn't want any name that could be shortened to a nickname and he shied away from anything that sounded too unusual. We didn't have trouble with boys names, but for Ava he didn't want anything too girly which apparently was most of the names on my list.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Henry is becoming popular here in Maine. I think it is one of those names that you never used to hear, but then suddenly everyone has started using it because nobody was using it, like every good name right! Calandria forgot to mention that she liked Horatio too. Other boys names I like Soren, Oliver, Calvin with Cal for short, Lincoln, and Clyde.

Calandria said...

Haha! That's right! I do like the name Horatio. But I wouldn't do that to my chid.

Michelle's last name is "Sprat." Ok, not really. It's "Hammer." Hahaha. I'm having fun with this.

Oooh, I like those names, Mama Ava. I always liked Liam but I thought we weren't Irish enough. I like Seamus too, but same. I liked Mateo A LOT but we didn't use it because some friends had a boy with that name, and same for Nicolai. They have since moved away. Wish I'd used one of those names anyway.

For girls I really like Annaliese.

Auntie Lee said...

I use to like to talk baby names but when I had my kids I had no say in the names at all, not even compromises. It kind of puts a cloud over it for me but I like bronwen but the short version of that name is gwen and I like that to.

Its so true that when you say a name in one language it sounds different in another. A lot of names sound really bad when you say them in Dutch or German. I also find some English names that sound bad in English sound good in French.

I kind of like hippy names:
Aisling (Aishling)

Calandria said...

"First off, did everyone notice Calandria said she's not "planning on a baby anytime soon" which still leaves a pretty big door open?!?"

You never know!

Auntie, a friend just named her daughter "Willow." And I saw "Aisling" on a name list yesterday. How do you pronounce that?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Aisling is pronounced
"I-shlin," or Ashlin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the above, wrong post...

Mama Ava said...

Aisling is pronounced "Ashling" although it sounds like "Ashley" when you're talking. An Irish family here has a daughter named Aisling.

Another boy name I forgot that I lobbied rather hard for (and obviously lost) was Asher. It was in a novel I read (and the Old Testament) and I loved it.

Auntie Lee said...

A friend of mine here from northern Ireland pronounces it ay-shling, the 'a' as in 'ace'.

I just looked it up and it means 'dream' or 'vision'. That sounds nice, now I like it even more.