Friday, February 29, 2008


What Kind of Chocolate Are You?
Your Result: Milk Chocolate

Friendly and fun, you love to spend time with your loved ones. Your style is cute and colorful, and you love to follow the season's trends. Don't be afraid to speak up just because you have a different opinion! Everyone loves milk chocolate and everyone loves YOU! :)

Chocolate Hazelnut
Dark Chocolate
Chocolate-Covered Fruit
White Chocolate
What Kind of Chocolate Are You?
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So does this really sound like me? Not the me I know.


athena said...

makes me feel better about mine. i thought i liked my results, but then after. . .

Mallory said...

Well, certainly parts of it are accurate, but then, most of these tests are skewed in their questioning. I think that's usually why those things are off when you finally get the results.

Anonymous said...


Karen ~ said...

Well I just took it and I am Chocolate Hazelnut ... and I was OK with the description!

But you are right, I don't think of you as following trends, though you are fun, and you are not afraid to share your opinions.

Karen ~ said...

PS ... I was resisting making the Black Gold cookies, but now that you have posted yet another note on CHOCOLATE I feel myself weakening ....