Thursday, February 14, 2008

how many activities do you have?

Our ward has seventeen scheduled activities for 2008. I am going to prepare an argument in favor of reducing the number of activities, so I am doing an informal poll. Ave has said they have four ward activities per year and Montse said six. How about the rest of you? How many activities does your ward/congregation have per year?


Julie said...

I'd say we usually have about 5 or 6 major ward activities per year. Wow, 17 seems like a lot!

Anonymous said...

We have 4 main activities a year. We just had "family game night" on Saturday. Then the ward campout in July, the chili cookoff/County Fair in October and a Christmas party in Dec.

We have a ward with lots of apartment complexes (7 in a square mile sized ward!), so about 1/3 of our ward turns over every year. Because of this, our Bishop has requested that we have a "meet and greet" about every other month. But, it's been about 6 mos. since we had one. It's easy for the activities chair--it's on Sunday night at 7:00. They call a few people to bring treats, ask someone to host at their house, and we all show up. At first I thought it was only for the "new" people, but then I realized that it's for US to get to know THEM. Duh! The only problem with this is it gets REALLY crowded in people's homes, but no one would show up if you had it at the church. Part of the draw, I think, is to see where everyone lives.

Anyway, that's it. 17--you've got to be kidding me. Dina

Anonymous said...

Calandria, please stop the insanity, 17 activities is almost sinful.

Calandria said...

Ok, so it's 17 including all the potlucks. I don't think these are seen as ward activities but what I say is, Is the whole ward invited? yes. Is the activities committee in charge? yes. Then it's a ward activity. The others for this year are Valentine's dance, dinner groups, joint activity with neighboring ward at a park, ward campout, corn feed/chili cook off, Halloween, and Christmas.

So guess what? I miscounted. It's not 17, it's 19.

Auntie Lee said...

We are a small branch but have weekly YM/YW activities and weekly computer classes for anyone who wants and weekly chorus practice (I have to go to the YM/YW and chorus so I'm stretched).
We have monthly Relief Society activities.
The singles have monthly activities.
We do not have a primary so nothing there and no scouts but don't forget the monthly visiting/home teaching and we are asked to go to the temple once a month if we can.
We have 8 branch activities planned for this year- B-B-Q in spring and fall, St. Nicolaas (a Dutch thing), Christmas dinner/music night, 4 branch temple days.

This is NOT including the Stake activities which include a LOT of youth activities. Do not forget family home evening, scripture reading and journal writing.

WOW, I just read that and realized that's a lot! I go to church more than I think. Well, I don’t do the daily scripture reading and journal writing like I should. oops

Auntie Lee said...

I don't see any film nights. Bring your own popcorn and ward supplies the drink. It's an easy one our YW/YM do but we invite everyone who wants to come.

Living in a country that doesn't eat pie, I miss the pie auctions. That was a fundraiser for the youth when I was young.

GuGarden said...

We have two ward campouts a year. One in the spring and one in the fall. The only other activities we have are 4th of July breakfast and our Christmas party. The Christmas party needs to be given up because it is a nightmare with our enormous ward. All other activities in our ward are coordinated by the auxilliaries and those are few as well. I think that the expectations in your ward are way too high. I also wanted to second the WW leadership training as a source of input. The point of the ward family is to strengthen the home family. If activities are interferring with family life (and to me 17 would definitly fit that bill) then they are not in harmony with the church's policy. That's my perception anyway. Good luck with your protest. It sounds like you need to stand up for what you feel is right.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so if it were me, I would axe the Valentine's dance and either whatever you do for Halloween or the chili cookoff. Why are you doing 2 fall activities? I would never go to a ward Valentine's activity, but maybe that's just me.

If you don't have to provide all the food for the monthly potlucks, then I would just continue them, but do them in the months that nothing else is planned. Isn't that hard for everyone to keep their food warm/cold for 3 hours? My BIL is a food scientist and he's really picky about what he eats at ward functions. :) Dina

athena said...

i'm not sure how many activities we have. i don't make most of them. looks like you're working yourself to the ground with 17 activities. i think there should only be one activity each quarter. we have a lot of folks in our ward that create their own activities and invite whomever wants to be a part of it. i was just invited to be a part of a cooking club (using recipes from bon appetite magazine) which i decided would be good because i can include olivier. we have writing and reading clubs but i don't participate in them.

hmmm, st patricks day, huh? :)

ML said...

Can you delegate activities to be sponsored/planned by the different auxiliaries or do you have to plan them all yourself? We have ward activities each year, but we have no activities committee. We just had our Valentine's Day activity sponsored by the Relief Society. Usually the aux gets help from the other groups. When the Branch Presidency wants a particular activity, they just assign an individual or two and they develop an ad hoc committee and do it. It works pretty well and the people who really want an activity to happen are usually the ones to plan it--they ask the B.P. and usually get the response "OK, here's a budget for that and you plan it."

Auntie Lee said...

It seems to me that things like Valentines activities should be left up to the teens, Halloween up to the primary and potlucks up to the Relief Society. What are the auxiliaries doing?

Besides, things like Halloween and Valentines are only excuses to have activities anyway. They are not national holidays.

Also, something ml said about 'here's the budget'. Well we don't have a budget so your ward must have a lot of money for 17 activities. If they are using money from the auxiliaries budgets that would suck for them. I know I would have done more for the YW's if I had more money.

Cocoa said...

Definitely use the WW training meeting. I think it was Sister Beck who pointed out that even if an activity was good last year doesn't mean it needs to become a tradition. 19 ward activities on top of the YM/YW, scouts, and Achievement Days is just obscene!

I really hope you can do some good and get those activities cut down.

Here's the tentative plan for us this year:
72 hr kits - no dinner or refreshments (this Saturday) We have 38 families signed up to come!

April - Food Storage Dinner - everyone brings a dinner and dessert made from food storage (sounds scary right?)

June - Family Game Night - light refreshments - we have a whole buzzer set-up that we borrow from the high school

August - Outdoor Swimming Pool Ward Party - this is a tradition but we are moving it to August instead of having it on July 24th. Everyone brings a side dish and the Bishopric cooks the hot dogs and hamburgers. This usually is the biggest activity of the year.

October - we haven't decided whether to do a trunk or treat or have a bonfire out on the 'farm' (our place) roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs.

December - Christmas in Nauvoo - hopefully this will be a simple meal with a short presentation on what Christmases in Nauvoo were like with the Prophet Joseph Smith.