Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i caucused

I did it! Yes, it was crazy to find parking, but once I was inside the school and found my precinct's classroom it was easy sneezy. I wrote down my name and address, they handed me a purple slip of paper, I scribbled my candidate's name, and I was out. It did seem a little elementary schoolish. I was expecting a ballot at least.

When I was driving home I heard on the radio that some people in my district had turned back and gone home after getting within two miles of the school because of deadlocked traffic. One lady said she'd tried three different routes to the high school but ultimately ended up going home without voting. What? It wasn't that bad. I heard also that many precincts had run out of ballots. Thus the little slips of paper.

I saw a bunch of friends from school, the neighborhood, and church. Yes, I saw other Mormons in the DFL precincts.

I just turned off CNN because I get so extremely sick of hearing them blather on about the black vote, the Latino vote, the women's vote, the evangelical vote. We're Americans, for crying out loud!

Who did I vote for? Obama.


Mallory said...

Obama? Really... that's interesting. I mean, if I was going to vote for a Democrat it would definitely be Obama - heaven forbid Clinton wins - but there are definitely some issues I have with him. Obviously there are issues I have with all the candidates; all I can really do is vote for he who has the least.

athena said...

i think obama is the greatest rhetorician if ever i heard one. his ideas for action are vague but like you say, he's inspiring.

Auntie Lee said...

I am so glad you caucused. As an independent registered in Maine I can’t vote in a caucus but I think its so important to be involved. Never underestimate your vote!

What a great example for your kids.