Sunday, February 17, 2008

ice fishing

For ten years now this guy in our stake has been putting on a wonderful ice fishing party. We've always been invited but this is the first year we've gone. (I didn't go--J took the kids.) There's ice fishing, ice golf and other games, and skating. It looks like some people snowboard behind a truck. They make brunch on camp stoves--eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and lots of hot chocolate. You have to eat fast or it freezes on your plate.
J didn't get a picture of it, but they put a line down the hole and attach a flag to it. The flag goes up if you catch something. No fish were caught, and it seems that ice fishing does not actually involve the catching of fish, or so J was told. It is really an excuse to get together and drink. The Minnesota women do not like the men to drink in the house, so they go out on the ice and do it under the pretext of ice fishing. Of course Minnesota Mormons had come up with their own family-friendly version. It's a time to get together and party outside in spite of Old Man Winter.


Anonymous said...

The ice fishing party looks like fun. Remember when we invited the neighborhood kids to a campfire on the flooded ice field in front of your aunt and uncle's place one school vacation afternoon? We had hot chocolate, marshmallows, and (I think) hot dogs while people either skated or just slid around on the ice.

Looking back, I think it would have been fun to have some organized games but people seemed to have a good time andway.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, I can only comment on your blog under "annonymous" so will include "mom" at the end of my comment after this.---mom

Auntie Lee said...

Ya, the party looks fun. It looks like the kids had fun. I like the idea of skiing behind the truck.

Gabriela said...

Wow-that does look like fun. Cold, but fun.

Congrats (?1?) on your release-I bet you were relieved. I would love being the Gospel Doctrine teacher. good luck with that. I got a new calling last week. I think I'll post about it.

Have a good week!