Sunday, February 03, 2008

upright and exemplary mothers

Wednesday night was New Beginnings for the young women's group at church. This is a yearly program that teaches young women ages 12-17 and their parents about the Young Women goals and values. I have mentioned in past posts the wonderful leadership we have right now for the young women of our ward. They planned a unique, fun activity that had the young women manning (womaning?) a ship through a storm and comparing that to weathering life's storms. Georgie loved it. Part of the program included viewing a few minutes from the movie "Master and Commander."

After the activity we had some delicious refreshments and chatted. I talked with a few moms and the YW leaders about the movie, which I hadn't seen, and this led to the statement that "The Perfect Storm" might be more fun to watch if only for George Clooney. Who made this statement? I don't know. I really have no idea. Anyhow, it did lead to rather extensive discussion and analysis of the current crop of Hollywood leading men (and of course their British counterparts), as well as fine leading men of the past. Some of the young women joined in on our discussion and offered their opinions.

The YW president leaned toward me and said under her breath, "Here we are at New Beginnings discussing hot men."

"I know, it's scandalous," I said, taking a swig of fruit punch. And I don't know who had the poor taste to start such a thing.


Cocoa said...

Must be the thing to do. Eve came home saying that one of her leaders said, "Sometimes we all have a bad day. When that happens just go lock yourself in your room and stare at your Orlando Bloom posters and I guarantee you'll feel a lot better."

Auntie Lee said...

Hummmm, seems to be an international New Beginnings small talk topic. We did that here to this year.
Maybe its yet another effect of global warming. hee hee

ave said...

A lady and I from work have a line we are always saying "Well, he's no Johnny." Depp, of course.

Mama Ava said...

Soooooo...just who did those fine upstanding woman of character who gather to imbue the future generation with those values discuss? Aside from George, obviously.

Just wondering.

Gabriela said...


There's a coffee shop on our block with a huge picture of George on it-I'm not sure why-does he own it? Has he visited it? I don't know. I will take a pic and post it sometime for you.

He is quite cute.

Calandria said...

Cocoa, I am SO over Orlando Bloom. :-D

Auntie Lee, I think you're right--must be the global warming.

Ave, strangely enough, Johnny Depp did not come up at New Beginnings, maybe because we so recently talked about him at book group.

Mama Ava, you have to remember that I was certainly not discussing hot men at New Beginnings. I was too busy imbuing. But I do recall several names discussed by the other less fine upstanding women of character, and they were the following: Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Colin Firth, the guy who played Henry in the new Persuasion, and I know there were others I do not now remember.

Gabriela, when I was in Europe last summer I saw George everywhere. Everywhere. It was kind of nice, like we were on holiday together or something. I assumed he's just another European attraction.

Calandria said...

Oh yeah, Cary Grant came up too.