Sunday, March 02, 2008

bittersweet defined

I went back to that chocolate quiz and retook it and I turned out Chocolate Hazelnut. I don't know why this is bothering me so much, because it must be the dumbest personality quiz I have ever seen. For example, what in Sam Hill is this supposed to mean: "I am very patriotic, but disagree with many issues." How is it possible to disagree with an "issue?"

Here is what I know. When I bite into a piece of chocolate, I want it to bite back. I even love hot chocolate that is very bitter--the super-sweet stuff makes me sick. The reason I love that Black Gold cookie recipe is that I can potentially embitter these cookies even more by adding unsweetened chocolate to the bittersweet.

So what does this say about my personality?

Here is how I would answer those personality questions:

How do you live your life? I divide it between agonizing over whether or not I am doing good and saying "to flipping he-- with it" and doing as I please.

What's your take on politics: I am cynical but fascinated.

Someone has betrayed you. Your reaction? This person is beneath my notice.

A mean bully is walking over your way. Fight or flight? Stay exactly where I am but don't make eye contact. If said bully forces my attention, I turn my contemptuous glare upon him and he is done for.

What kind of jeans do you like? The ones that make my butt look the cutest. Duh!

When something stressful or alarming happens, you... Isn't this a quiz related to chocolate? Out comes the bittersweet.

What are your plans for the future? write young adult fiction

Your opinion on stereotypes and cliques? n/a

You consider yourself successful in life if: I have practiced violin, exercised, and worked on my book all in the same day.

What is your least favorite color? currently, mauve

Describe your personality. The three F's: funny, frank, and friendly (not that I think I'm funny, as in I'm always making people laugh or something. But I think I do have a good sense of humor and appreciate people who make me laugh.)


Gabriela said...

I'm laughing that it bugged you enough to go take again. :) I did it- I am milk chocolate with a close second of hazelnut. I hate hazelnuts.

I liked your answer for how you consider yourself successful-that's how I am.

Think Lydia wants to go shoping with me?? I could use some help like that!

Meg said...

I was also chocolate hazelnut but couldn't figure out what that said about me. :)
I, too, am a bitter sweet girl. The darker the better! Milk is too sweet and as for white...white chocolate? I'm not sure what that is but it's NOT chocolate.

Julie said...

Cute! I love this post. So true, much of the time you can't be truly "pinned" by a silly quiz. But they're still fun to do sometimes.

Auntie Lee said...

Good Grief!

Anonymous said...

I like to take those quizes, but so far have not found one that really describes me, except maybe for the Jane Austen one you posted a long time ago.

ML said...

Spoken like a TRUE cynic Lee. (Good woman!)

Calandria said...

Well gee, I hope the two "real" cynics didn't subject themselves to the entire post. That's the grea thing about blogs. You can read them, or not.

Auntie Lee said...

You had better not go on Facebook. It's full of those quizzes.