Sunday, March 02, 2008

goings on with lidia, etc.

I looked back at Lidia's birthday post and saw that I only put up a few photos. No updates or anything. I haven't written about the kids as much lately for some reason.

A little over a week ago I went on a quick clothes shopping trip for myself. I have been wearing the same outfit for months, it feels like. I put off this little outing because I knew that if I were going to buy clothes I'd actually wear, I'd need to either lose weight of buy the next size up. So yeah, the reason I've been wearing the same outfit is that I've "grown out" of my other clothes. Horizontally.

Enough of my pathetic battle of the bulge. So I took Lidia along on my shopping trip because I felt bad leaving her at home to do schoolwork alone. Well, guess what? Lidia was a tremendous help! She told me what looked good on me and what didn't. She helped me pick out shoes and jewelry to match a dress. When I asked her, "What looks better, this necklace or this one?" She immediately replied, "I kind of like this one a little better, but that one would look better with the dress." And I could see that she was right.

At the ripe old age of 33 I feel like I'm finally developing my own sense of style and figuring out what looks good on me considering my coloring, body type, etc. But I certainly didn't know this in my early twenties, say nothing about when I was ten years old. Lidia has a gift. I can't say that I never realized this. When Lidia was three and four she used to come up with these fairly outrageous ensembles involving differently-patterned tops and bottoms, layered tops, and scarves. Hair ornaments were also involved. I would laugh to myself, thinking, "Oh, how cute." But then I'd look again and think, "You know, she's kind of working that." And then I'd look again and think, "Gee. That actually looks good."

So I don't think I want to go shopping again without Lidia.

What else is this girl up to besides lending a little fashion sense when needed? Reading. All. the. time. She has been reading two different books this weekend and is almost finished with both. She started Anne of the Island by Lucy Maude Montgomery on Thursday and Kiki Strike: inside the shadow city by Kirsten Miller on Friday. I read about Kiki Strike on HipWriterMama and thought it sounded right up Lidia's alley so we picked it up from the library. Tonight Lidia had this to say about it: "It has a dumb cover and a bad title, but it's a really good book." This is what Booklist says: White-haired, leprechaun-size Kiki Strike is a new student at Atalanta School in New York City when she meets 12-year-old Ananka Fishbein, the narrator of Miller's debut novel. Together they begin a detailed exploration of the Shadow City, the subterranean rooms and streets under New York's subway system, and Kiki recruits a team of other precocious 12-year-olds, whose skills include hacking, chemistry, lock picking, forging, making handmade explosives, and mechanical engineering, to join them. Ananka, the team's urban archaeologist, will supply her family's extensive library and learn everything about rats, the current Shadow City inhabitants. As the girls try to obtain layered maps of New York City's infrastructure, they fear that terrorists with the same goals are putting the city in terrible danger. The peripheral plotline about a nefarious, exiled princess of Pokrovia, who is a fellow Atalanta School student, adds intrigue. First-time author Miller has created a fascinating, convoluted mystery-adventure, which features early-adolescent girls with talents and abilities far beyond their years.

Sounds pretty good and I have dibs on it next. Actually, a sentence from another review of this book reminded me of something long forgotten: But when she wakes up one Saturday morning and finds that the small park across the street has become a sinkhole, her decision to explore it transforms her existence. When I was around 12 there was a deep hole beside the barn on our dairy farm that had been dug for who knows what reason. In the early spring, before it was finally filled in, water rushed through it and came out somewhere down by the river. I used to stand in front of it, mesmerized, thinking, "What if I jumped into that hole? What if I discovered a heretofore undiscovered land underground peopled with all kinds of slimy monsters and good fairy people?" I know that I created some sort of world and even a story line but I remember little of it now.

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