Saturday, March 01, 2008

happy 13th birthday georgie!

She absolutely did not want me to post a photo of her so I didn't. It would be mean on her birthday. I'll post one tomorrow.
Here are some of Georgie's passions: the Redwall series by Brian Jacques (she has read all eighteen multiple times--she is collecting the 20th anniverary UK editions and got some author-signed copies for her birthday), otters (because of this series), cello, Rubik's cubes (her record for solving a 3x3 is 17 seconds), drawing (she sketched the teapot yesterday), and mathematics (she just took the ACT and did very well on the math and science sections).
When Georgie grows up she wants to do brain research.
We're grateful that Georgie is choosing to develop her talents because we see that her dedication and focus will provide her with wonderful opportunities. However, we are most pleased that she is turning out to be such a great person.
We love you, Georgie!!


Anonymous said...

We are so proud of her and we love you , too, Georgie!
...nana & grampie

Anonymous said...

You are not posting a pic of me tomarow

I dont like otters because of the series although it added to the interest in otters

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Calandria, busted!
Georgie is so beautiful, I don't know why she won't let you post. Maybe she doesn't like all the compliments. I remember feeling like I didn't want my picture taken when I was her age, actually I still don't really like having it taken, well except for that sweet one of me in the pink two piece that is just precious. thanks loads for that one sis.

dtv said...

Happy Birthday! I was going to try to say something fun and interesting, but I just realized my pants are on inside out. The inside out pants are too big a blow to my pride to think of anything else now. Actually, I've learned a few valuable things from having inside out pants. A) I have spare button sewn into one of the pockets, and that's pretty cool. B) I think I can fix the hole in the pocket easy, if I can find a needle and thread. C) This is what happens if you stop letting your Mom dress you! These 3 bits of wisdom, are my gift to you, on this very special day!-Love, your handsome and charming uncle.

Calandria said...

we'll see, georgie.

ave, that's an awesome pic! Everyone agrees it is one of the best of you ever.

Calandria said...

dtv, it looks like we posted comments nearly at the same moment!


that reminds me of when you are swinging on a swing set and someone is swinging along with you even and you yell at each other, "Hey, get out of my bathtub!" and "No, YOU get out of MY bathtub!!"

Auntie Lee said...

Happy birthday Georgie!!

I don't know if I can beat dtv's words of wisdom. I am glad that as I got older my mom stopped giving me heir perms. Doing your own hair is a cool thing, just don't take any tips from your little sister...hee hee.

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday Georgie! You sound like a swell gal! Keep up the good work. :)

Mama Ava said...

Georgie, don't be hard on your mom. It's a mother's perogative to be so proud of her children that once in a while she embarrasses them!

Happy birthday!