Sunday, March 23, 2008


We made it to Mexico in time for the reunion. We had planned to leave Friday morning but then heard of a big snowstorm coming in, so we ended up leaving at 5:30 pm on Thursday to be out of the way when it hit Minnesota and Iowa. I'm glad we did it this way because it was the only way to make the reunion, but it was an exhausting drive. We got in Saturday at 1 am. We hadn't slept much what with bailing out the basement.

We are now well rested and well fed. Yesterday we ate gorditas and sushi, border style. Today it was barbacoa tacos (shredded tongue, good but greasy). But what I'm really looking forward to is the Yucatec food. J and I are going down for a few days, leaving the kids here with their abuelitos. Of course I look forward to more than just the food, now that I think about it. I've never been to the Yucatan.

Anyone read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield? Best-selling, modern adult fiction is usually not to my taste, but when I read the blurbs I thought it sounded interesting. It was. Setterfield threw everything in there but the kitchen sink: Jane Eyre, Rebecca, The Woman in White, Turn of the Screw, Wuthering Heights. Very Gothicky. Extremely suspenseful. Doesn't require deep thought, and yet I found myself thinking about it. Will I be thinking of it next week? Probably not. Will I want to read it again? Eh. The writing is pretty good. There are some beautiful turns of phrase--it was interesting to read the author interview at the end of this paperback copy. She describes how her specialty in 20th-century French literature influences her writing. The book was highly entertaining. However, there were some icky parts. I don't know that it had to be so icky. I wonder if it could have been a little less creepy, yet a little more unsettling if the author hadn't included some details. Maybe that way it would have had even more in common with the truly great books it apes. I don't want to give too much away by revealing the ickiness. It doesn't overwhelm the book or anything, but it's there.


Fauna said...

I hope you have a blast on your trip away from the kids! I'm glad you guys were able to go at all with all the chaos you dealt with before leaving..

Btw, I LOVED the quip from J the other day!

~ Fauna

Anonymous said...

I bought that book last year for my good friend on recommendation from someone BEFORE I read it. Then I read it. ICK! I felt so bad that I gave it as a Christmas gift. Last time I do that before reading it. It was interesting, but if some things were left out I would have liked it much better.

Have a great time in sunny Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was me. Dina

Gabriela said...

I hope you have a great trip to the Yucatan-that is one of our favorite places in the world-the people are so nice and the food is wonderful. Can't wait to hear about it.

I started that book last week and then quit. I'm not sure why exactly-if it was the ick, or something else. ???

dt to the v said...

Have a grand old time in Mexico! Soak in the warmth!

Anonymous said...

I listened to about half of the audio book, but it was definitely creeping me out. It kind of reminded me of Dangerous Leisons or something. I didn't see it getting much better so I stopped listening to it. I might go back and finish it because of a morbid sense of curiosity, but I think if I do I will get the book and skim it.

Auntie Lee said...

Best sellers always seem to leave a lot to be desired.

Have fun in the sun!
Don't do anything I would do. (like immigrate to a foreign country or anything).