Friday, March 28, 2008


J and I left the kids with their abuelitos in Reynosa and arrived yesterday at the San Jose Cholul hacienda in the state of Yucatan. It's about an hour from Merida.
It is completely tranquil and beautiful. The gardens are so lovely they seem unreal. Everywhere I go I smell something spicy and sweet, a little like cedar, and I hear the calls of about a dozen varieties of tropical birds. Oh dear! How easy it is to become accustomed to the good life! This morning I told J, "Yesterday I had the feeling, when we arrived, that I don't deserve this splendor. Less than 24 hrs later, I feel that not only do I deserve it, but that this is how my life should be."
Here are some photos of the hacienda. I found the iguana yesterday. He made a pretense of shyness but then posed quite regally for his photo shoot.
We are in a "garden villa" with a steeply-pitched thatch roof. The bed is hanging from the rafters. Yes, it makes me a bit motion-sick, but it's so cool I don't care. We have a little wading pool all to ourselves and even a private backyard.
Yesterday afternoon we drove to Izamal, a nearby village that has lots of pyramids. We didn't get to see the pyramids because it was too late. The Mayans are very short people. I don't think I've seen one over 5 ft tall. We passed through one tiny, quiet village and saw an old man who could not have exceeded 3 ft. Their villages are serene because there are hardly any cars. They go everywhere on bicycle and moped. These usually have some rig attached for transporting people and things--I'll have to take a photo because I can't describe it. When we passed through another village it was around 5 pm and there were many men walking or riding bikes at the outskirts of the village. They all had rifles, and I think they must have been hunting, perhaps for birds. Or maybe deer? I saw one here in the hacienda.
This morning I slept in but J got up early for a bike ride. When I got up we went horseback riding. J's only been twice, so he got the fat, lazy Phosphoro. I got the very spirited Gitano, who quieted down a bit once I showed him who's boss. I used to have horses when I was a kid in Maine, but it's been over fifteen years since I've ridden. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it.
We were going to go to Chichen Itza today but I got up too late. We'll go another day. It's over an hour from here and we want to go early in the morning. It gets pretty hot around midday.
Really, I don't have to go anywhere. I could stay right here on the hacienda and be perfectly content. Maybe for the rest of my life.


Karen ~ said...

That's it, I'm learning Spanish, and moving to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Lucky you!

We've been to Chichen Itza back in the day when you could walk up to the top of the pyramid. I heard they stopped that because of vandalism.

Have a great trip! It's snowing here in Portland today on our Easter break, so that should make you feel 10X happier being in paradise. :) Dina

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...and Chitzin Itza too!
Hope you take lots of pictures of the ruins and tell me all about it when we see you in several weeks.

Gabriela said...

You are making me so jealous. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I miss Mexico a lot-especailly that part of it. We've been to Izamal several times. Enjoy!!! And Merida was our get away place when we couldn't stand life in our little town.

ohhhh, good times, good times.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

That tree looks like something form Lord of the Rings, how splendid!

Auntie Lee said...

The sun! The sun! Be still my beating heart.

dtv said...

Wow, that's wicked decent! I thought you should know, I put your Christmas picture up at work next to AVE's. The funny thing is, people ALWAYS asked if J or JW are my brothers instead if you're my sisters. Some ask if those are my kids, which is just creepy on a whole other level.

ML said...

Why is the bed hanging from the rafters? It looks like that could be either a lot of fun or a little bit dangerous...or both! :)