Thursday, March 20, 2008


Thank you so much for your prayers and offers of help.

We did not leave this morning because much more water came in last night than even the night before. There is heavy, wet snow in the forecast as well as some very warm days ahead. We are hoping to find a way to divert the water today so that we can leave tomorrow morning and still make the reunion.

The three younger kids were upset this morning about not leaving for Mexico and devastated when they heard they had to go to school on top of it! J told Bernie and Marcus he'd give them some spending money in Mexico if they got ready for school without complaint. Marcus said, "If it's $60, then yes. If it's $50, then yes. If it's $40, then yes," etc. down to $5, at which point he declared it was not worth it. His dad needs to work with him a bit on the art of negotiation.

So, they are off at school and Lidia is diligently working away, looking for sensory description in a Sherlock Holmes short story. I feel quite relaxed this morning because we're pretty much set to go. J comes home at noon and we start working on the water.

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Anonymous said...

Nasty business, water in the cellar. Did you call a plumber?