Thursday, April 24, 2008

april liketh me not

I'm ready to be done with this month.

I know I've already mentioned some of these, but let me indulge in a quick rehash:

April 2nd. J's wallet pinched in the Merida airport.

April 4th. SUV breaks down on the return to Minneapolis. Alternator is replaced.

April 7th. Marcus is hit in the eye with a knife and narrowly avoids surgery.

April 15th. I crash J's new car.

April 15th, part II. Additional dampness found in basement. (major flooding in late March)

April 19th. J backs SUV into garage door, which shatters back window of SUV and destroys garage door.

So, that makes two claims on car insurance and two on home insurance. That I remember, we have never in twelve years of home ownership made a claim on our home insurance.

Earlier this week I felt like this toad I uncovered in the garden whilst removing the remains of last year's hostas. He looks quite awake in the photo, but he was actually so lethargic he didn't even attempt to evade capture by my children. He seemed depressed at being pulled from his winter sleep too early. "The gods of this yard use me ill," he seemed to be thinking. "See how they toy with me! It is all for naught."

J reminded me that the only really serious concern was Marcus's eye, and that will be fine. Everything else was just stuff. My mom said, "Things like this always seem to happen all at the same time." I grumpily replied that I don't remember it all happening to me, but later I remembered the awful week leading up to the birth of my fourth child. Yes, that was worse. And remembering that made me feel so much better.


ML said...

This reminds me of a Chinese folktale I heard once where all sorts of negative things happened that eventually turned out to be blessings. I hope things smooth out for you--for at least a little while!

Calandria said...

Thanks, ml! I know that "all things work together for [our] good." But sometimes those things are annoying and inconvenient. :-)

Cocoa said...

Wowsers what a month you've had! I sure hope May turns out to be a lot better for you.

Auntie Lee said...

The month will end with tremendous joy and happiness...the 28th is my birthday. Joy of joys!