Wednesday, April 09, 2008

corneal laceration

We have learned the hard lesson in our home that knives and eyeballs do not mix.
Monday evening Georgie was opening a package with a knife, the knife slipped, and landed in Marcus's eyeball. There was no blood, thankfully, but I took him to the ER because I could see a cut on the cornea. The diagnosis was "corneal abrasion," and we were told to see an ophthalmologist the next morning. That ophthalmologist told us that it was not a corneal abrasion, but a rather a laceration that was quite deep and would likely require surgery. We were sent immediately to the University of Minnesota to see a corneal specialist. This specialist decided that though the cut was deep, it would not require surgery because it had already begun to seal itself. Unfortunately, the cut will scar and will effect his vision. He will need to wear a contact in that eye. The corneal specialist said yesterday and again today when we went back for follow up, that Marcus was very, very lucky. The cut is a little below his field of vision.
He gave Marcus this patch to wear through next week and some eye drops. He may not participate in gym or recess, and must "keep quiet" at home. He's not supposed to jump, run, or leap. (This has been a challenge, as jumping, running, leaping, and diving are Marcus's sole means of locomotion. I've been encouraging lots of t.v. and computer. To my credit, I've also read quite a bit to him.)
Monday night when we got back from the ER, a neighbor and member of the Church came over and he and J gave Marcus a priesthood blessing. I had a very calm feeling after the blessing. The next morning at the first appointment, Marcus's vision test was really bad, just as it had been the night before with the ER doctor. This seemed to alarm the ophthalmologist as did the depth of the cut. On the way over to UM, I prayed constantly that my faith would be increased. I remembered the blessing of the night before and I was calm again. When Marcus took the next vision test less than an hour later, his score was 20/40--a big improvement. I asked the doctor how this could be and he said that maybe Marcus had too much tearing (not ripping--I mean tears rolling down his cheeks) during that first test. I didn't say anything, but Marcus had more tearing during the second test. Anyway, this morning he showed even more improved vision in the damaged eye.
Another blessing: Marcus doesn't seem to feel much pain. This surprises the doctors. Tears frequently come pouring out of that eye, and today the doctor checked to make sure no eye fluid was leaking. Nope. Just tears. But Marcus does not complain and when asked if it hurts he says, "A little bit. Not much." Actually, I have to admit that this is very typical of my children. When it's a trivial matter like a sibling got slightly more ice cream or something, big noise. Broken bones? Deliriously-high fever? A knife wound to the eye? No big deal.


Cocoa said...

Oh no! I hope he continues to heal and that it works out all right. How does poor Georgie feel?

Calandria said...

Thanks, Cocoa. I think Georgie is ok. It was just one of those things. Marcus doesn't seem to bare her any ill will.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times we've all heard or said, "Don't do that, you may poke your eye" but it never happens. I'm happy for him that it will heal well and his vision will be spared. What a scary experience! Dina

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor thing. You seem so calm about the whole thing, I would have been freaking out big time. I cried when they told me that Lmx had poor vision. I don't understand why Marcus would need to wear a contact lens so young, why wouldn't they just give him eye glasses? My pediatric opthamologist told me that he thinks that all children should wear glasses, because he has done so many surgeries on eye balls of kids who have had knives or other accidents. This made me feel better about the whole glasses thing.

Gabriela said...

Poor guy-that's great that he is on the mend and his eye-sight is improving. it's amazing how fast eyes heal.

my kids are always trying to cut things. think i'm going to hide the knives.

I loved your last post about how your preception of the border town has changed-I know just what you mean.

Meg said...

Oh my stars! How blessed he is.

Auntie Lee said...

wow! What a scare. I hope it will be alright. I also feel bad for Georgie.I feel as bad for her as I do him. It sucks when things like this happen...on all sides.

Your going to have to make some 'gross' pictures for Marcus to have. That's always cool for kids. Something he can show people.

Mama Ava said...

I love the last sentence...knife wound to the's a terrible experience, but marchs will sound so cool when he tells it. Here it's hard to have a story that someone can't top...marcus's story might be kind of routine at our school!

Hope he heals fast!

Calandria said...

thank you all for the well-wishing!

Ave, I asked the doc about glasses instead of a contact and he said, "but he won't need correction in both eyes. just one." I'm sure it will be up to us whether he uses glasses or contacts--we may start out with glasses.

Auntie, the doctor said he'd make some close-up photos of the eye for Marcus. One positive result of this whole thing is that Marcus now seems very interested in ophthalmology. He says he likes the idea of having a job that "helps the human population" as he said. hee hee. We looked up how much ophthalmologist make, and that's about 250,000 on average. He didn't seem to mind that little fringe benefit.