Thursday, April 10, 2008

did anyone else notice that

I managed to make it throught the winter without planning a move? Anyone who's been with this blog 12 months or more knows that every year, about February/Marchish, I am seized by a compulsive longing to remove myself and my family from Minnesota. I always pick a place that captures my imagination, research it ad nauseum, and then proceed to plan our move in deadly earnest. I always believe very fervently that we will. be. moving. For a few weeks, J can look forward every night to coming home to a barrage of information about our new location. I even involve him in our moving plans. He handles this very well--he has never been the slightest bit condescending or impatient about it. In fact, one time he said something like, "You are just so convincing. I start to believe it myself."

Here are some past places I've planned to move to: Cape Elizabeth, Maine; Monterrey, Mexico; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Roanoke/Charlottesville, Virginia; Barcelona, Spain; and Basque Country, Spain.

I think one reason I haven't been possessed by the moving madness this year is that my imagination has been occupied with the book I want to write. However, though it's April and I thought I was home-free, I am feeling a twinge of the moving bug. Not a madness, but a definite could-develop-into-madness twinge. This was brought on by several things: 1) Mama Ava is moving to China. Sure, she already lives in one exotic location, but now she's going to another. I want to move to an exotic location. 2) I learned Tuesday night that a book group friend is moving to London. I believe she will be living in Hyde Park (is that what she said, Michelle?). I want to move to London. I got home late that night and pestered J about it. He mentioned his long flight to Saudi Arabia (as in, "Stop bothering me so I can sleep--I'm flying to Saudi Arabia. He left today), which is like flying to Europe twice. I said, with the air of having finally solved all our problems, "If we moved to London you'd be so much closer to Saudi Arabia!" "I don't want to live in London!" he moaned. 3) We are having a sleet storm right now. Ugggggghhhhh.

The thing is, I can't think of anywhere I want to move to. Sure, I'd love to move to London, but I know that isn't happening so the madness won't take me there. For the madness to take root, it has to be a place that I have a chance of moving to.

We decided against Pais Vasco because though the public schools are very good there, they speak only Basque. We want our children to learn better Spanish, not Basque. Hmm. I wonder about the states of Catabria and Asturias? They are to the west of Basque Country, still fresh, green northern Spain. Mountains and sea. Hmm.


Meg said...

I did notice and I missed the adventure of exploring a new place with you...Are you going to take us to London this year?

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for the moving talk, I like to read about it. Please do move to London, I want a free place to stay on my megalith tour of Great Brit.

Michelle said...

Yes, I think she did say Hyde Park. I don't know London at all, so I wasn't paying a lot of attention to when she talked about the location.

But this weather! Oh spring, where are you? I am daydreaming about moving somewhere that doesn't have such a long winter.