Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just now i was wondering

why it is that I don't enjoy cooking as much as I used to. I used to have fun trying new recipes. I really like to eat, especially when it's something I like. So I didn't mind cooking. Now I do not enjoy it. I do not look forward to it. I would rather do just about anything else. The reason? I think it's because now, no matter what I make, there are usually several negative comments about the meal. I'm not going to name names (I will say it's never J).

My parents are visiting and in the past I have done a lot of cooking when my parents or in-laws visit. My parents and in-laws always appreciate what I cook and are very complimentary. We used to have friends over for dinner more frequently. I enjoyed cooking for them, even though it sometimes took hours to get the house in shape and then do all the cooking. Now I fear having guests, because I'm just waiting for a member of my family to criticize my cooking in front of them. That could be the point when I pack my bags.

Maybe I am being oversensitive. That's entirely possible. And I suppose if certain people are to learn good manners, that would be my responsibility to teach them.

Right now I am feeling very under appreciated. Right now I am feeling like if certain people prefer mac and cheese or spaghettios to my healthy meals then they can durn well eat that for the rest of their days and with my BLESSING.


Anonymous said...

I have been feeling the same way! Exactly! And I pinpointed it to the same reason. I dread spending all the time and energy just to have everyone turn up their noses. I can only think of a couple of meals that everyone will eat without complaint. Breakfast for dinner (waffles or pancakes, etc.), pasta, or pizza. Everything else disappoints SOMEONE at my table. It took the wind out of my sails--that's for sure! Dina

Mama Ava said...

Hear hear! This is my LIFE. I like to cook for holidays, but the daily meals...not so much at all. I have yet to make a meal where everyone sits down and tucks in, too busy loving every morsel to comment on anything. I do try to serve a great fruit or veggie when I know the entree is not going to be a bit wow-er, and i had to give up bread at the table bcause I had so many arugments about how much bread the kids could eat in place of the actual food. I also don't let them eat something else or extra after to suplement the horrible muck I've just forced them to eat.

I try to let it slide off,though. It is one of the areas where I do feel underappreciated, but I myself just smile and eat. Aside from rotating in fun stuff and thinking about the fact that one person is usually cmpletely pleased at any one meal, I figure this, too, will pass (and they will pay with their own kids!)

Auntie Lee said...

Sounds to me like you just woke up...hee hee. I hate cooking. The daily routine is boring and there is no way anyone can be creative all the time.

Also, why is it that no matter what people do or say, it always ends up being the woman's job. Men say they love cooking when they don't have to every day. DUH, me to!

Calandria said...

so, sounds like I'm not the only one. :-) Mama Ava, you are the dinner Nazi, not allowing alternatives meals or snacks. I used to be that way and I think I may return to it. I allow them to make up a sandwich or heat up spaghettios because I got so, so tired of the complaints. But it's not helping.

I think it was Athena who said the French have the idea that you have to try something at least ten times before you know if you like it or not. I know that many foods are an aquired taste and my children are not acquiring.

Dina, my kids even complain about pizza, believe it or not.

Auntie, I have seen statistics that show that women, even when they work full time outside the home, do the bulk of housework and cooking. We've come a long way, but we've got a long way to go.

Karen ~ said...

I have been feeling the exact same way, too, and for the past 18 months have basically not cooked. I have missed cooking, but also had absolutely no desire to return to it, and now that I am thinking about it I think it's primarily for the same reasons you outline.


I see a light ... I am actually starting, after all this time off, to think about recipes and creativity and cooking again - and feeling a little of my old enjoyment coming back. Not enough that I have actually done anyting about it yet, but it is such a relief to feel the interest waking in me again, to know that it's not gone forever.

So give it time, it will come back at some point. And until then, rejoice in frozen pizza and mac & cheese, it won't kill them, it keeps you sane, and eventually either they will start liking more foods or you will stop caring :-)

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Lmx hates most foods and will not eat anything new. I keep reminding him that if he keeps up his current mode his health will suffer. I swear the only things he eats most days are pbj, ham, apples, granola bars, and fruit smoothies (which are becoming too expensive.) I just give the kid a multi vitamin and hope he reaches adulthood. I am looking at it like it is no fault of mine and if he doesn't like my cooking there is more for me. You do what you can, at their age there is no force feeding, and I would also tell them that the negative comments hurt your feelings, and would they like you to stop doing all that you do? I have used that one and it seems to leave a brief impression.

Fauna said...

Oh, bummer. I can't imagine cooking for someone and having them complain! I'm with Karen... let them have their fill of mac & cheese and other boxed junk... it won't kill them. And eventually they'll get tired of it...right?