Sunday, April 06, 2008

a trip

There were ups and downs. I don't think I've ever been as relaxed as I was at the hacienda we stayed at in the Yucatan. But then I got lost and had a little adventure. More on that later. Later J's wallet (with a significant amount of cash) was pinched at the Merida airport. We had a wonderful time catching up with friends and family in Mexico, but I wasn't able to connect with Athena in Austin on the drive down or the drive back. (We had suddenly change travel plans both ways because of stupid basement flooding. Athena probably thinks we're total flakes.) We had car trouble on the way back. Our alternator died, luckily within 2 hrs of home. We were able to get a new battery within an hour and made it back. What if this had happened somewhere in Kansas? I don't even want to think about it.

All in all it was a great trip. We nearly got our fill of tacos and gorditas. I tried some delicious new foods, like huevos motulenos, while in the Yucatan. More than anything, it was great to see the people we love.

The city where J's parents and most of his family live is on the border. It's where he was born and grew up. When I first visited it, I thought it was the ugliest place I'd ever been. There are no parks. There are no attractive buildings. It stinks. I suppose I still think that, but it's funny how your perception of a place changes as you see it through new eyes--the eyes of your children. For my children, this foul border city is a place of delights. It's where they eat their favorite foods and are allowed to drink soda. It's warm when Minnesota is freezing. It is home to all kinds of interesting bugs and flowers and trees. It's where they hear the old family lore, like the time abuelito was bitten by a scorpion, or when he attacked a robber and the robber stabbed him repeatedly in the gut. It's where they are treated as visiting royalty; everything they say is either hilariously funny or preternaturally wise. It's where they have big laughs with the cousins. It's where they make mud in the yard and give themselves a full-body treatment. (Who needs a spa?)

I have to admit, as I see that city through new eyes, it grows on me.

Here are a few albums from the trip, with more to come. I have to get some photos from J's parents, including the mud ones.

more from the hacienda san jose cholul (there's one where I look super corny)

merida (we connected w/ J's adorable cousin and her charming husband)

chichen itza

fun at abuelitos'


Cocoa said...

My biggest fear in traveling is that something will get stolen. The pictures are all great. I love the red skirt you are wearing!

Auntie Lee said...

It's funny how we remember and perceive things and how our perceptions change. I'm always amazed at how dirty America is when I go back to visit but the nature is much more beautiful than here (well there is no nature here so no comparison really).

Its great to be around family. The kids get treated so much differently than by parents. As a parent you have to be so serious but as an auntie or grams you can spoil kids and tell them stories that they actually listen to. Its to bad we live so far from family. That's always a great loss.

I'm glad you had the opportunity to go on vacation and it's so great the kids could go as well. I'm also glad you got there and back safely especially with a car full of kids.

Its just a shame Americans have so few vacation days. They have the fewest in the industrial world.

Auntie Lee said...

I like the new blog look!! Very cool.

marina said...

just stopping by I found you on living la vida loca blog and really enjoyed your pictures form your trip looks like you had fun,and you so look pretty in that red dress.marina