Monday, May 12, 2008

completely random

Lidia and Bernie played outside at the park at lot yesterday in spite of the cold. They chatted with a girl who goes on the bus with G. The girl told them that she'd always thought that we were Russian Jews. (?!) When Lidia asked her why she'd assumed that, the girl replied that we "looked it and acted like it." Hmm.

Separately, here are a couple articles from Psychology Today I thought were very good:

Pitfalls of Perfectionism: Perfectionism may be the ultimate self-defeating behavior. It turns people into slaves of success—but keeps them focused on failure, dooming them to a lifetime of doubt and depression. It also winds up undermining achievement in the modern world.

Second Nature: Your personality isn't necessarily set in stone. With a little experimentation, the ornery and bleak can reshape their temperaments and inject pluck and passion into their lives.


dtv said...

You're not Russian Jews?

Karen ~ said...

LOL - dtv, that's what I was going to write!!!

Gabriela said...


Psychology today??? Wow, you are opening up a whole new world for me (there is just too much to read in this life, don't you think?)

Auntie Lee said...

How does a Russian Jew act?

Mama Ava said...

Oy, vey. Russian Jews.

Maybe you need to make tamales outside in your front yard or something...hee hee

Anonymous said...

L'chaim! I have returned from the land of the pretty people, and glad to be back on the ugly East Coast.

Meg said...

Okay...a little slow here...and off the topic - but how long have your labels been gone? How am I supposed to find new weekend movies to watch?!

Anonymous said...

How am I supposed to get to my blog? Bring back the labels!!!

Anonymous said...

Not labels, I mean fellow blogger names, like Ave, and sipping hot chocolate and all of those guys.