Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have all kinds of things I'm interested in. There are thousands and thousands of things I could be thinking about at any given moment. For the most part, I try for productive rumination, but I define "productive" much more broadly than many. A perfectly kosher line of thought for me would be trying to decide what hue of green would look best on a redhead invited to attend her first medieval banquet on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. (No, I haven't been invited to one and I'm not even a redhead. I'll just let you wonder.) I consider that productive, but my thoughts also tend to the more mundanely industrious, like what's for dinner and how I can get my children to fold their clothes or flush the toilet.

For the past week I've found thoughts of all kinds most annoyingly disturbed by a new focus. Home decor and maintenance. Bleh. We are replacing the carpet damaged in the basement flooding. We've been looking for an excuse to get rid of the off-white carpet throughout the rest of our home that has not held up well under four young children and a dog. It seems wise to do this now when we can get a good volume discount, or so we tell ourselves. But, asks J, do we really want more carpet on our main level? Why should we replace what's there if the kids and dog will just destroy it, no matter what color? My quick reply is that we should not put in more carpet on the main level, we should put in hardwood. No-brainer, right? J does not think so. He thinks it's expensive. I say that we will save money in the long run because we won't have to replace it every few years or get it professionally cleaned. J replies, what long run? How long are we going to be in this house?

See? The simple matter of replacing basement carpet has suddenly snowballed in such a way that it strikes at the very heart of who we are and what we hold dear. Are we staying in this house? Do we need more bedrooms? Are we tired of our dull suburb? Do we really want to move out of our stake boundaries (for people who are not LDS--Mormons are assigned geographically to attend church at a certain building--if you move out of this area you may be giving up associations you've had for years. I know, it's weird. I'm telling you, there are weirder things about Mormons than the old polygamy days. Don't get me started.)?

And whatever happened to my winter dreams? If we invest a lot in the floors of our home, does that mean we can't take off and live in some exotic location for a while? (Costa Rica is my latest passion. I've been holding out on you!)

Are we the kind of people who have to spend this much money on flooring? Do we really care? Should we consider other options for that huge chunk of dough, like a trip to Europe with the kids? Savings toward our next car? Helping the needy who don't even have floors, for crying out loud?

Can you tell I've been thinking about this a bit too much?

What I should be thinking about is what colors I'm going to paint on all the walls of this house. You've got to paint before you put in new flooring.

I'd rather think about just about anything else. This is so not my thing.


Dina said...

That's why I finally hired a decorator. SO not my thing either. Now it's nearly done and other than my checkbook, pretty painless. I don't know why people like to decorate. I want it done so I can enjoy my home and get on with my life. I must not have gotten the Molly Mormon gene.

Ballerina Girl said...

I am not Mormon...but I say that we all have our idiosyncracies. My vote is for the cheaper carpet and all the other experiences...Europe, Costa Rica or just another fun day at that Mall of the Americas. I have to see that some day!
Happy Mother's Day!

Calandria said...

Dina, I've considered hiring a decorator. But I think I'm too much of a tight-fisted Yank. So I'll just do it myself and make myself and everyone else miserable until it's done. :-D

Ballerina Girl, thanks for suggesting that Mormons are not the weirdest of the weird. ;-) Really, we're only weird in the nicest of ways.

Mama Ava said...

My suggestion is wood floors. We have them and, along with leather couches, have never ever regretted them. And we have 3 terribly messy kids, a mother who is a lax housekeeper at best and dogs on the furniture. Practically, it will be better in the long run. AND you can still do fun stuff like Costa Rica or college for your kids.

You could do both--we have carpet in the basement because it's so chilly on the feet down there. We put Pergo on a strip between the garage and back door in the basement because it stands up soooo much better to the salt and muck that comes in on boots. We kept carpet in the bedrooms because I like the feel in the morning and you can go a bit cheaper because it's less wearing. That just leaves your main areas.

But I find myself wandering with those kinds of mental debates as well. One thing leads to another...sometimes now, though, I find myself going from room to room that way, too. Now THAT'S scarey!