Friday, May 16, 2008

labels, blog list, etc.

I've had some negative feedback about my removal of the labels and blog list. I prefer the look of the blog without them. I have a really long list of labels and it bugged me to have them all there. But if people actually use them, I guess I can stand to bring them back. :-) Maybe I can pare it down a bit. As far as the blog list goes, I don't think I'll bring it back quite yet. (Ave, I'm afraid you'll have to add yourself to your favorites list ;-)) There are so many blogs I read now; some daily, others a couple times a week, etc. I decided it would be better to not have a list at all then a poorly updated one. Is that lame? I'm open to constructive criticism.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you would update my blog for me I wouldn't mind your blog list being gone. I guess I might have to learn how to do it myself. sigh.

Cocoa said...

Or you could put the list in a post (dated of course so it wouldn't be up front) and then ave could bookmark that page. :D

Anonymous said...

too complicated cocoa. I don't know nuffink about that sort'o thing.

Sumpy Gump said...

Well, I for one like the minimalist look. Keep it clean. Less is more.