Tuesday, May 06, 2008

lidia update

Lidia finally updated her blog. Go see what she's been up to.

[Edit: I had meant to write this in the post but then forgot. Mom told me she was amazed at how persistent Lidia was about making that skirt. It took several hours and there was no way she was quitting. Mum said it reminded her of when Lidia was little and she'd get this certain look on her face sometimes when you told her "no." It was a look that meant, "I will have ______ or I will do _______ regardless of what you say. Watch me." I replied that all of my children were/are like that and it's a big reason no more have come along. Dogged persistence may be a great quality that will take them far in their adult lives, but for the parents of these unrelenting toddlers, it's a killer.]

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Anonymous said...

Good job, Lidia! On the sewing and the blog!