Saturday, May 03, 2008

more nana fun

I would never have thought teaching a five-year old to iron could provide hours of entertainment. (And only two burns.) My mom is such a Mary Poppins.


Karen ~ said...

Two burns on clothing or on fingers? I was about Bernie's age when my mom taught me to iron - back in those days it was my dad's hankerchiefs and pillowcases.

Darling photo. Keep it for when she is a high-powered executive.

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute. I'm a little scared though. What appliance will she want to use next?

dtv said...

I remember Mum teaching me to iron. I also remember her telling me to wash my hands after handling money because it was so dirty. So sometimes I would wash my money and then iron it. And that's why I am IRONMAN.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we used to iron our money for fun. In fact I still do that if I have to give a money gift, (not that I do very often). It sure beats running to the bank for a new crisp bill, and hey, its clean.