Monday, May 05, 2008

more of nana's photos

My mom whipped out her fancy-shmancy Nikon D300 to take these yesterday. Here are some more from the park and some of my dad and brothers vacationing in New Mexico.


Gabriela said...

I love your park photos. It looks like a lovely spring day.

I love how your blog looks-thanks for the links, I've wondered how to change the font. :)

Hmmmm, maybe i'll show Margarita how to iron today in the name of fun (of course, first I'd have to learn myself. Got any links for that?)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those were great! How old are the kids now? They're all so huge!

ML said...

I love seeing the photos. It's fun seeing the kids, the bros, and the dad. And you look so beautiful!