Saturday, May 10, 2008

nickelodeon universe

This is the former "Camp Snoopy" in the Mall of America. We hadn't been for at least three years. We needed a big break because the last two times we went we had bad experiences. Two times ago Bernie was about one month old and I was a mess. The other three (almost two, four, and seven) probably would have been too much for both J and I to handle without a newborn, but with newborn? Nightmare. The last time we went Marcus had a couple tantrums because he was too small to go on the big rides.
This time it was wonderful! We had a blast. G stayed home because she doesn't do rides. Bernie invited her best friend (this is how I got out of throwing her a birthday party this year) and they were so fun to watch. They squealed and hugged every few minutes, which is perfectly o.k. in such a loud place. They went on the above ride three times.
Lidia and Marcus. Well! I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But I want to leave something for Lidia to blog about it, so I'll keep mum for the present.

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