Friday, May 09, 2008

six today

I can't believe my baby turned six today. I have managed to not cry.
She insisted on wearing a yellow summer dress to school and luckily it ended up being warmer than forecasted. As you can see we're still working on those bangs. (Will they EVER grow out?)
She desperately wanted a three-wheeled scooter so I got her one, but it's too small. Now we're looking for a bigger one but after three stores, no luck.
She helped decorate the cake and thought it was the "most beautiful cake ever." (What about this one? Hello?)
The guys went to the Father and Son campout tonight, so the girls and I ate cake and ice cream, pizza, breadsticks, and popcorn and watched "Whisper of the Heart." Cute movie--perfect chick flick to watch with smart, artsy girls. But now I have a stomach ache.


Cocoa said...

She's six already?!! They are growing up way to fast.

Feliz Cumpleanos, Bernie!

Auntie Lee said...

Great looking cake! Hope B had lots of it.

Paris turned 18 the same day. We offered to take him to 6 flags and he didn't want to go. Guess he's grown up now. He didn't want a big party just a bunch of church friends.

Sometimes I wish he was 6 again.

Ballerina Girl said...

Happy birthday to your little girl!

Anonymous said...

Awww, she's so cute! I like the cake too... although the other one is also very pretty.

Fauna said...

That is a gorgeous cake - and a gorgeous b-day girl! Sounds like you had fun last night! :) ~Fauna

Ballerina Girl said...

To answer your questions:)
My driver does speak English, but less than what I believe! He seems to understand so I ramble on, but then he is not where he is supposed to be or something like that, I call him and realize that he did not understand what I said!
My kids speak English and Spanish pretty fluently, and now they are learning Portuguese also.