Sunday, May 25, 2008


Georgie gave a talk today at church. For those who are not familiar with an LDS sacrament meeting, we do not have ministers who speak. People from the congregation give talks as assigned by the bishopric. Usually there is a youth speaker followed by two adults. This is the third time Georgie has spoken in sacrament meeting, and she did a wonderful job. She gave her first talk about a year ago, and when she spoke today I was struck by what a difference a year can make in a child's maturity. We helped her quite a bit with her first talk, but very little with this one. She spoke on the topic "Stand as a witness of God." She chose many very relevant scriptures and mentioned some of the stories from the scriptures that touch her. She shared a personal story and her testimony. What I loved about it was how obvious it was that she was speaking from the heart. Her talk was the perfect length. Oh, that adult speakers would realize that in most cases, the briefer the better!

Georgie got many sincere compliments on her talk. I hope they don't go to her head. I told her she should be proud of herself "in a very humble way."

In the above photo she is sorting through old school papers and art work. That's our afternoon fun today.


Ballerina Girl said...

sounds wonderful for your duaghter!
also sounds like you have a future negotiator on your hands with your son!

Mama Ava said...

Congrats Georgie! That is not an easy thing to do, and it sounds like you were very poised and sincere.

We were just looking through our own papers from the past 2 years of school here, laughing and remembering!

Gabriela said...

Good job Georgie!

I just read about your "makeover" project-wow. A lot of work-make sure you post pictures when it's all done.