Friday, May 23, 2008


You may have assumed I dropped off the edge of the

world but no, I only feel like I have. We decided to go forward with a remodel, though I suppose it can hardly be called that. Just changing the floors and painting all the walls. It's a makeover more than a remodel. But boy, has it been involved. There are too many choices out there for flooring. We finally decided on an on-site finished hardwood for our main level with cork in the kitchen and new carpet everywhere else. I have to paint all the walls in the next week or so. I haven't even finished the basement where I've put in a good seven hours at least. Pray for me.
We bought a new refrigerator last night to replace the 22-year old. They will deliver it next Thursday and take away the oldie for recycling. J and the salesman had a good laugh when I asked if I had to clean the old refrigerator before they took it away.
Lidia is very close to finishing school for the year! She has only 3-4 days of work left, thank merciful heavens. She took the NWEAs, a standardized test they take here at the beginning and end of the school year. She improved by exactly 20 points in Reading and Math, and 16 points in Language Usage. I believe that is considered drastic improvement, but I don't know much about these tests.
I went to Georgie's orchestra performance Wednesday night and it was very impressive. She has practiced a lot this year and it shows.
Marcus's eye has healed well, but we won't know until next Wednesday if he needs glasses or not. He wants glasses.
I curled Bernie's hair yesterday for her kindergarten choral performance and, as you can see, it made her feel very pretty. She really enjoyed singing and dancing in front of an audience. You'd think she was on American Idol or something. She was very visible in the front row center, and a few parents told me later what a good job she'd done. This is our only child who has ever been excited about these school choral performances.


Meg said...

CORK!!! I love cork flooring! I have loved cork flooring(from afar...sigh...) for years! I didn't even read the rest of your post...I didn't get past the CORK! So lucky...
All your craziness will be rewarded. :)

Calandria said...

Meg, I also love cork. I've found that people either love it or hate it. We were going to do cork in the small family room that comes off our kitchen too, but thought it might not be so good for resale.

I was thrilled to find out that I can install a floating cork tile floor over my existing hardwood in the kitchen. The tiles are not super cheap, but you can find good deals on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she does look so pretty!!! Lulu feels pretty too, running around the house in those fancy dresses that you sent. Thank you! The yellow one is a particular favorite. Lulu pats her pudgey little belly and says "i a princess" whenever she is wearing one of them.
The cork will be beautiful and will add value to the kitchen. Good luck with the tedium of painting, I say forget about the kids rooms, but I know you won't.

Cocoa said...

Good luck with all the painting. It will all look so nice when it's completely done. I haven't seen cork floors before. Must mean it's time to take a trip to some home improvement stores to check it out.

Auntie Lee said...

I'm a tile, stone or wood floor person myself. Cork seems difficult to clean to me. I don't know but since I like things clean but hate to clean them I go for whatever is easy.

I think its great to freshen up the house. Here the Dutch have a word for it 'whitten' or 'to whiten'. Most of the people I know 'whitten' their houses every 2 or 3 years. They are very clean.

Mama Ava said...

oooh, I always wanted cork. My family is soooooo hard on everything, though. I always tend to think of cork as being less durable, but I know it's used in kitchens a lot so it must be tough. We used Pergo in our kitchen, but it looks like stone tiles. It can chip like tile if you drop on it, but it looks just like stone and costs much much less.

It's a lot of work, painting and floors, but you'll be so pleased when you're done. You can keep counting your pennies towards Costa Rica!

ML said...

I love this photo--it's so sweet.