Wednesday, June 04, 2008

cutie pies

Bernie's kindergarten class performed a Chilean dance this morning. It was so fun! Bernie put a lot of energy into the performance. She and her two friends here were pulled aside by the librarian for pictures because they're extra cute. :-) The librarian was nice enough to email these copies.
Why didn't I get pictures? Because I didn't get there early enough. The performance was scheduled for 10 am. Yesterday, it seems, some parents got an email saying it was switched to 9:45. Luckily I planned to get there a few minutes early so I could take some photos, so the performance was just beginning when I arrived. J missed it entirely. I am so annoyed by this. I really love this school for so many reasons, but the communication from the teachers and the administration has left much to be desired.
I've had that feeling lately that I'm doing absolutely nothing well. I can't get it right. There are not many aspects of my life I'm enjoying right now. Probably because I keep screwing up.
I feel like curling up with a stack of books for like two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! You do all the important things right, like listening to your crazy little sister when she calls and needs to talk, and letting your kids be free to be who they are, and letting them pick the color of their bedrooms and carpet even if it isn't what you would pick. You do such a great job. I am so proud of you!

Cocoa said...

I'm not the only one who gets those "d*mmit I messed up again!" feelings? Whew! :D

I love those outfits. It brings back memories of similar ones my grandmother made for me. I loved wearing them to church when we lived in Miami.

Meg said...

I think you should absolutely curl up with a stack of books for 2 weeks...just promise to share what you read once you come out again. :)

Ballerina Girl said...

cute picture....and you are not alone in those feelings....
let yourself feel lousy with those books, but remember that on the other side are little children that will only remember for a nano second that you were a little late and missed a foto!
and then just write an email detailing it all to the school's administrator, teachers and faculty ;)

Auntie Lee said...

What a great picture. I like the colors.

Join the 'oops I forgot to take a picture' club. I always forget to take a picture even when I have the thing in my hand. Even so, I always end up having enough pictures of the kids so it works out in the end. You have more pictures than I do so your doing great.

Calandria said...

Thank you for the supportive comments. :-)

I've had a hard time making decisions lately, and then when I make a decision it turns out wrong. I think leaving so many things undone while I've been painting and reorganizing is catching up with me. I need to focus on how nice the house will look when we're done with all this.

Also, yesterday I spent a lot of time at school helping with end-of-year stuff. It's so hard for me to socialize with most other parents. I'm so awkward about it. And then I feel like a dufus.