Tuesday, June 10, 2008

giant georgie

For the past few days, Georgie has been tired and aching all over. She's been sleeping a lot. I assumed she was coming down with something.

About five days ago we measured her height and she was still holding at 5 ft 3/4 in. She weighed 82 lbs (she takes after the willowy Elizondo women.)

Tonight she weighed herself. And then weighed herself again. What? she shouted. How can I weigh 91.5 lbs? She made the other kids weigh themselves and there was nothing amiss, so it wasn't the scale. I asked her if she'd been hitting the Doritos a little harder than usual. She got out the tape measure and sure enough, she'd grown one and 1/4 inches. She's made it to 5'2''.

Poor thing! No wonder she felt so poorly. She grew more than one inch in less than five days, and gained 10 percent of her body weight.

The photo is from a breakfast the kids put on when my parents were visiting. Lidia cooked, Marcus waited table, Georgie cooked, served, and managed, and Bernie looked cute. There was even a very fancy menu. There were two sizes of pancakes, regular and grande. But then Grampie and J made them add "massive." I got a photo of that menu, but now I can't find it or any of the ones I took. Here are some Mom took.


Michelle said...

Oh my! That seems like it would be physically next to impossible. Are all her pants too short now?

Cocoa said...

My girls complain of growing pains too. I wouldn't know what they are being only 5'2" myself but thank goodness most of them got Joseph's taller genes. Eve is exactly the same as Georgie right now too!

Meg said...

My brother did that. 4 inches in one summer...about 7 weeks. It put him down with mono. He was EXHAUSTED.

Auntie Lee said...

Paris use to do that too. Once I bought him new jeans that were a little too long and in 2 months they were high-waters. When he went through these spurts he would eat a lot more than normal but then it would go back to normal when it had calmed down.

On the flip side...
A friend of Megan's, who is 14, was just put on hormones to get her to start menstruating. Evidently the start of menstruation slows down the height growth of girls. Both parents are very tall but at 14 the girl was already 6' and still growing so they are trying to halt it.

It's all very strange.

Mama Ava said...

In the past year Cameron has often complained in the evenings about his knees and legs hurting. Growing pains is actually a real medical diagnosis--and it hurts! He takes some tylenol before bed on those days.