Monday, June 30, 2008

is it terrible

that now that my maple floors are in I wish I'd put in walnut? The maple is yellower than I expected. I much prefer the brown cork we put in the kitchen, which is about walnut color. I said something to J about it last night and he said, "I was waiting for you to say that. I didn't think it would take long." Wasn't that mean?

Of course I realize that if I'd put the walnut in, I would have thought, "Gee, should have gone with the maple." I know that about myself but it doesn't make it go away.

I'll get some photos up once we have the baseboards. My in-laws are visiting and my fil is doing the baseboards. Plus I don't see the camera anywhere. J must have taken it with him to Morocco. He gets back Thursday.

Which reminds me, has anyone seen "The Man Who Knew Too Much?" Can someone tell me what Doris Day and Jimmy Stewart were doing in that movie? I like those two, but not together and definitely not in that movie. It could have been so cool with different actors. Ok, now that I look it up, seems that Hitchcock did a remake of his own movie. The original 1934 version starred Leslie Banks and Edna Best.

Can you tell I'm tired? Well, I am.


Gabriela said...

I hate decisions like that. Luckily I never have to make them because we always move! Someday I'll have to make a ton and I'll be a mess.

No clue on the movie!

Get some rest! :)

Anonymous said...

The 1934 version is much better. It's not as technically sophisticated but the whole thing works better than the Stewart/Day movie.

Anonymous said...

I like Doris and Jimmy, lay off!!!
Walnut would have been too dark. You'll get used to the maple. Moracco? Why didn't you go?