Thursday, June 12, 2008


It took 24 hrs to do all that painting. I should have mentioned that I didn't need to be careful of my floors since they're all coming out. So I didn't have to mess with a drop cloth.

My walk route includes a trail near a lake. This morning I saw three snapping turtles laying eggs right on an unpaved part of the trail! Last year I saw the leathery shells left behind after the baby turtles had hatched. The nests are not as close to the lake as I would have expected.

I would have loved to go back and take pictures, but J took the camera to the boundary waters. He left yesterday to go camping with some friends--the first time he's ever taken a fun trip by himself. He went through agonies about leaving work and family behind, but I strongly encouraged him to go. Not, I must admit, for purely unselfish reasons. Now I get to take a little personal vacation sometime. ;-) I hope he's o.k. There's no cel coverage, and we've never gone this long without talking. Since we met.


Karen ~ said...

Wow! 24 hours - you ROCK!

And this is so cool, we saw a snapping turtle laying eggs yesterday, too! I will have pics on my blog later tonight ...

Anonymous said...

That's all!!! You are a speedy worker sis. I know, how about we celebrate when you come to Maine,we can go get pedicures or something the morning of the wedding.

Calandria said...

Frankly, I felt like 24 hrs was a REALLY long time. Now that I reread the posts it looks like I was saying how speedy I was, but I didn't have that in mind. I was just curious to see if anyone could guess.

But I'm all for pedicures! :-)

Anonymous said...

Post some pics of the new carpet and rooms!